Here is some information about my stop panic attack hypnosis recording which will help you achieve the best results    

Help to stop telling lies

Help To Stop Telling Lies

There is help available to stop you from telling lies. If you tell lies and want to stop we can help you.
It’s a vicious cycle as when you tell them they build upon themselves. You get caught up in a web of deceit and ever more lies to cover your back.
You may not even know why you do it let alone understand the compulsion to lie.
Its all so very self destructive.

Birmingham Therapist Can Help

Birmingham therapist Debbie Williams can help you to break the cycle of lying with her unique programme.
Within one session you will feel lighter and know you can overcome this addiction to telling lies.

Lying Destroys Relationships

Maybe you’ve lost relationships in the past because of your lying.
Whether its someone who you really loved who felt they just couldn’t trust you and it’s broke your heart or whether you’ve lost friends because they think you are untrustworthy and let them down.
Perhaps in the past you’ve been promiscuous as it has fed your low self esteem and now you’ve met someone and they’ve discovered your reputation and don’t believe you.
That coupled with your stupid lies that don’t make any sense to you ( or them) is building a barrier between you killing the love.
You can get help to stop lying with Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Clinic and Debbie Williams help. 2-3 sessions and you will be free from the lies.
Contact us now to start working on overcoming your lying Book a session at Birmingham NLP 

Self Help To Stop Lying

You can also go down the self help route with Debbie Williams stop lying hypnosis and NLP recording
Please watch the stop lying video to hear how Debbie has changed his life. His relationship is healing and his self esteem is soaring.
This chap was excellent in achieving things in life, a great body from working out at the gym, the car of his dreams and other material possessions but nothing filled the hole of despair that lived inside of him.

Self Esteem Will Soar After Our Help

He feels complete now and at peace with himself and free to follow his heart and able to think on his feet to tell the truth always, unless the question is ”Does my bum look big in this?” the answer is always ”No’
Help to Stop Lies



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Food phobias or not?

Food phobias or not ?

Many people labelled as having food phobias may have simply lost interest in certain foods or their ability to taste food has been affected in some way, yet for others it has been a lifelong problem.

A genuine food phobia means the person feels like they may gag or be sick if they even try new foods, such is the fear they have which prevents them from even trying something new.

Temporary food phobias

Temporary food phobias may be caused by having just gone through an illness and been forced to limit their food intake naturally but not realised that they need to revitalise their taste buds.

Focusing then on swallowing can become a problem. Or if a choking incident happened then a fear of eating can develop. The person is hyper-sensitive to every feeling within their mouth and throat area.

Hypnosis and NLP can be very effective in overcoming this.

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has helped many to be free of this over focusing and fear of swallowing, giving the client back their confidence to eat normally again.

Just going of certain foods

Pregnancy is a normal time when food preferences change. Often completely going of a food that was once a favourite and returning to it many months later ( or not) long after baby has been born.

This is an important point for us all as our tastes buds can so easily be affected by even a low grade infection or over stimulus by spicy or sugar laden foods!

If you have a diet that is heavy on processed sugar laden fare then the subtle tastes of fruit can seem boring in comparison.

Having a plan

Having a plan to add one or two new things each day in very small amounts does work overtime. Its a bit like when you give up sugar in your coffee at first it tastes unpleasant, yet within a month you get used to it.

So gentle stimulation of our taste buds increases our desire to eat. Another possible factor that can affect our chemical signals to eat is having breathing problems particularly if you do not have a good sense of smell.

If you have food phobias then Debbie Williams self help hypnosis recording ”Overcome a food phobia” can help you to add more variety to your diet and overcome any unconscious blockages to eating.

We stimulate the desire to feed through many senses but sight, smell and taste are the most important.

When people have eaten their food with a blindfold on their other senses heighten and they often finish eating sooner as the tastes change as they are aware of the texture and feel of the food and that they have had enough.

More videos and information about food phobias here. 

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How to Stop Facial Spasms


How to Stop Facial Spasms 

An Enquiry to Birmingham Hypnotherapist

Hi Debbie,

 I have had this problem since I was a teenager and Im now 30. Whenever I talk to someone, while Im listening to what they are saying, I get severe facial spasms.

My cheeks and side of my mouth keep twitching involuntarily. This has destroyed my life, I used to be a happy person, being social but ever since this started I am afraid to interact with anyone. I am sick of it and to be honest I dont think I want to live my life like this.

I know nothing about hypnosis but I just read that it might help with this, is it true? Thank you for your time.


Reply From Birmingham Hypnotherapist  

Yes I can help you, I often get asked ‘Can hypnosis show me how to stop facial spasms or tics?

My answer is firstly check with your GP to see if there are any treatable causes for this then I answer;

I couldn’t say that we would be able to eliminate the facial spasm or facial tic completely, but I know we will be able to reduce the symptoms and stop it happening so often.

We can also reduce the anxiety so that   when it does go into spasm you are not  so affected or upset by it.

Your spasms have habituated

The facial spasms or tics can become a habit and your brain is expecting it to occur. You think ‘’I hope it doesn’t happen when I meet so and so…  (before an event) Your mind then sees a movie of your face going into spasm and you dread going or find a way to avoid going out completely.
As it now makes you feel bad in advance and this negative spiral reduces your confidence and self esteem and takes any joy out of life.

Hypnosis and NLP can help with spasms

Hypnosis and NLP together will be much more powerful to help reducing the symptoms of facial spasms and tics.
Hypnosis on its own may help or not depending on the experience of the hypnotherapist. It should definitely help with the stress part of the problem.
The NLP  ( I’m a Master Practitioner and Trainer as well as a Hypnotherapist)  is a system of being able to re- programme your mind for solutions and adjusting thinking patterns to be more resourceful. 
it can take the ‘sting’ out of a negative emotion/feeling so that you feel empowered again and care much less if your face does spasm.
That along with everything else we do will stop it happening all the time and allow it to fade out as you move on with your life.

Previous clients with facial spasms/ tics 

This is what has happened with many other clients of mine.
The spasms or facial tics reduce or go completely overtime only coming back in a much lesser degree when they are stressed about something, which becomes a useful message for them to think ‘what do I need to do to deal with this situation” and as they do that if goes away again.
Where you are at the moment is constantly thinking about ‘your problem’  and facial spasms or tics and your brain cannot process negation and by that I mean, try not to think of the colour blue. 

Focusing on what you want

Blue appears there in your mind. This is what you have been doing with the facial spasms. 
ie I hope my face doesn’t go into spasms when i….
And your brain sees what you are focusing on
NLP can stop that and hypnosis can help re-build a better prediction for the future. A bit like when I’ve worked with athletes we focus on the internal movie of them winning with no room for the movie of what they don’t want.
What I do is much more specific, detailed and more powerful than Ive explained here but Ive tried to put it in a way that will make sense to you.

Birmingham hypnotherapy costs 

I charge £145 for a session and it will take 2-3 sessions to really move things forward. (you will feel more positive even after the first session) And the sessions can be spread over 2-3 months if needed.
You can pay online with a credit card if you need to

Free hypnosis for healing

Also please get my free hypnosis healing recording and have a watch of some of the videos of people who have listened to it and the results they have had.

Self help for spasms and facial tics 

If you wanted to go down the self help route then my ‘Ultimate Confidence’ recording will also help with rebuilding your confidence again.
It has many useful tools and NLP exercises which can help with your issue.
You will have to listen to it a lot to get to understand the techniques and then use them
Let me know if you would like to book a session and we can get started in helping with your facial spasms and/or tics. 
I can usually book you in within 7-10 days 
Kind regards
You can pay a deposit here for your session online with a credit card or debit card.
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Food Phobia; How to help my child

Food phobia; You can help your child 

  • Is your child a fussy eater or has a restricted diet or phobic about certain foods?
  • Are you worried about their health because of the fussy eating?
  • Do they gag when you try to introduce new foods?
  • Think it’ll be tough to change their limited diet?

You can help your child to break free from fussy eating and food phobias.

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer

Birmingham SED expert Debbie Williams has helped many people over the years overcome their fear of eating and restricted diet.

Video help for food phobias in children

Debbie has recorded this video below and it has at least 8 tips to help you to help your child overcome their food phobia and restricted eating pattern.

How to help food phobias in children

Over time you can help your child to get in touch with their true instincts and learn to let their body’s natural wisdom guide them to enjoy the foods that will bring abundant health.

Stop stressing yourself about your child’s eating patterns

As Debbie talks about in the video ”Food Phobia; How to help my child” if you are stressed your child will pick up on this and may use it in a power struggle to assert themselves ( whether consciously or unconsciously).

Get Birmingham hypnotherapist’s free hypnosis recording ”Stop worrying” and you will also receive Debbie’s monthly life coaching newsletter to keep you on track to adding more variety to your child’s diet.

All this help above is free and can give you the guidance and reassurance you need. However you must check with your Dr to eliminate any treatable causes for the food phobias.

One to one help for your child’s food phobias

You can also contact Debbie Williams if you would like to book an appointment for you and your child at Birmingham SED Clinic

This isn’t free and costs start from £145. Debbie recommends you use the free options first as it may be all you need and possibly the adult food phobia recording which costs from £19 to download.

Adult Food Phobia Self Help

Debbie has produced a self help hypnotherapy recording which is aimed mainly at helping adults, yet many have found it useful to listen to with their child (or by themselves) to give them ideas on what to do to help their child to overcome their phobia.

You can read more here ”Overcoming a food phobia”  costs £19 to download. £24 as a CD

Also Birmingham Hypnotherapist and NLP ”Stop Stress” full programme which costs £19 as a download or £27 as a CD

Further reading about food phobia/aversion

Selective Eating Disorder

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Help for Jealousy

Help for Jealousy

Jealousy is usually a combination of fear and anger many times driven by insecurity and low self esteem, Birmingham NLP trainer and hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has a self help hypnosis recording ‘Freedom from Jealousy’  which you may find this is more than enough to overcome your jealousy.

Jealousy destroys relationships

Jealousy can singlehandedly destroy any relationship but you can have freedom from jealousy and a life where healthy relationships can grow deeper and stronger.

Debbie works both consciously to help you out of the loops of automated behaviour and jealous feelings to teach you how to think and respond appropriately, and unconsciously to re-pattern the behaviour at a deeper level.

You can book a one to one with Debbie Williams here 

People see Debbie sometimes as the last resort, desperately seeking a solution as a break up is on the cards;

Get some help or its over, their partner says, or many times its too late for that relationship or they are in a new one and are very fearful that they might ruin it just like the previous ones with their insecurities.

I guarantee you if you make a decision to focus on creating a healthy happy relationship as your goal it will happen, maybe with this partner, or maybe with someone that suits you even better.

Strong emotions associated with jealousy

Jealousy can trigger angry feelings, venomous, revengeful thoughts that are unpleasant for all, especially if you are playing a movie in mind of your partner up to no good, which then turns on the fight or flight response creating massive physiological changes.

Adrenalin is secreted, the heart starts pumping more, blood pressure rises, the sympathetic nervous system diverts the blood from the liver, the intestine and the stomach, and pumps it to the heart and the muscles. You now only see things in black or white, right or wrong, no other way.

 Jealousy and fight or flight

The body is preparing for action, it’s preparing to fight to defend itself and in this state it’s not uncommon to feel sick to the stomach creating problems with digestion.

Which only serves to fire them up even more, its time to change now and to only see what you really want, you with a partner with a smile on your face that tells you you have found the answers in mind and are truly happy because

Discovering NLP is like finding the owner’s manual for your brain for it gives you the ability to retrain your thinking and evolve and dissolve powerful negative emotions. 

Jealousy I can’t help it…

When we react to jealousy it feels automated, out of our hands so to speak. I believe the reason the weight of the emotion is so great is our brain is a pattern matching machine, for example perhaps first time as a young child we were rejected (or felt we were).

We didn’t have words to express how we felt, imagine a parent says to a child you’re so naughty/bad, if you don’t stop we’re going to put you into a home with all of the other naughty girls and boys and you won’t like it.

The child becomes very quiet the parent sees oh that worked in stopping bad behaviour and perhaps does it again because children don’t come with owners manuals and your parents were learning too but as a child you don’t really understand and pictures form of you having to leave mom and dad which are frightening to you and as they are all you’ve ever known imagining that must feel awful. 

Growing up feeling insecure

Of course the child grows up and doesn’t even think about it, has many positive experiences that counteracts that, so feels secure in himself but for a few they may have relationships, the first ones might even be ok.

But then someone inadvertently does something that fires off a similar pattern or even a facial expression that matches the look of the parent triggering the old emotion as it believes it’s similar.

As an adult you fill the gaps of what this feeling might mean with images of your partner leaving you or sleeping with someone else, perhaps laughing at your expense ultimately fires off anger, injustice, fear, dread and more.

Instant jealousy

All of this can happen in a heartbeat but as it feels powerful we think it important, so respond with jealousy as at some level we believe we are being violated or disrespected.  

Jealousy is a one dimensional trance state, you’ve bought into your own internal reality which at that moment seems so real, it’s only when you’ve calmed down you realise how you’ve perhaps behaved then put a reality check in.

 Birmingham NLP Trainer can help

We want to give you the flexibility to have choice in your behaviour and to know how to communicate your needs in a better way. 

 One of the best questions that we can train our brain to look for solutions, is what do I need to learn to move on?

On track 2 of the freedom from jealousy programme you get to learn from others who are self assured and confident in relationships.  

So you can experience a more mature way to respond to those old jealous feelings which we will shrink down to reassure you to help you believe you are loveable and deserve to be loved.

 Jealousy replaced with better feelings and resources

So what we want to do here is rewire that automated pattern out and replace it with more resourceful ways so it’s time to pause and revaluate the situation so that you’ve got a memory of it but it’s very difficult to play again.

And how we’ll do that is by teaching you how you could have handled it in a better way and just like an athlete, practise success in mind over and over to give you the tools that you need and in trance we’ll practise any new behaviours/attitudes in mind to give you freedom from jealously.

 One to one help for jealousy

When most clients come to us it usually takes one to three sessions and you can book your NLP and hypnosis session here.  

For many this self help freedom from jealousy will help tremendously and will be more than  enough for others a one to one with a competent therapist will clear up anything that hasn’t  responded completely to these techniques especially if there is a history behind the jealousy i.e. abuse that needs further work.


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How To Overcome Anxiety

How To Overcoming Anxiety

Hypnosis can help you to overcome your anxiety as being anxious is a trance like state whereby you are almost taken over by your own thoughts and worries.

Birmingham, West Midlands based Debbie Williams - who is a fully qualified and licensed trainer of NLP  and board certified hypnotherapist, has many self help hypnotherapy recordings to teach you how to overcome anxiety, stop panic and fears disabling you so you can get on with living your life.

Debbie has assisted Paul Mckenna since 1995 and is also a Clinical Consultant to, 1 Harley Street, London.

Paul highly rates Debbie, read here what he has to say about her: Paul McKenna quote 

One hypnosis and NLP product of Debbie Williams is the overcoming anxiety, you can read what is on it here;

Overcome Anxiety is a set of self hypnosis and NLP recordings by Debbie Williams designed to help you to overcome anxiety for good.

Listen to the tracks on how to overcome anxiety on a daily basis as often as you can, and also every night as you go to sleep.

Overcoming Anxiety Track 1

Introduction to the power of NLP and hypnosis and how just changing how you represent events in mind can help you to overcome anxiety for good.

Overcome Anxiety Track 2

You will learn about confidence, what it is and how you too can become more confident leaving anxiety in the past.

Confidence often starts as an act, that you too can master once you know the recipe with a simple strategy

Overcoming Anxiety Track 3

Learn how to be calm from others on by stepping into their shoes to learn from naturally calm laid back people.

Whatever is most useful to you – their calmness, their problem solving abilities, their view point, so that you experience more choices on how to run your brain to overcome your anxiety.

Overcome Anxiety Track 4

Is a technique that if you use regularly will start to dissolve those anxious thoughts at source and reassure your brian you are paying attention, but not blindly anymore as you start to question some of the worries.

You learn to recognise as you write them out that you are able to counsel yourself as you can see how inappropriate many of them are.

Overcoming Anxiety Track 5 The Hypnosis Trance Track

You don’t have to do anything but commit to listen to it regularly, it will teach you to relax the more you listen the deeper you will go, letting go of anxiety at the deepest level.

Its is generally best to play the overcoming anxiety recordings at a time when you are least likely to be disturbed, and it is best not to play them soon after eating so that your body can more easily experience the benefits of relaxation.

The recordings are not intended as a replacement for conventional medicine. It is advisable for you to seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner for issues such as anxiety, in addition to any form of complementary help.

Free Hypnosis To Stop Worrying

If you would like to try a hypnosis recording for free then click here to get your free ”Stop worrying and create a wonderful life” hypnosis download by Birmingham, West Midlands Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams

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Birmingham hypnotherapy self help recordings

Birmingham NLP hypnotist has

Self help products for sale from £15

NLP and hypnotherapy products for sale to help overcome all kinds of issues each one cost from only £15 as a download These hypnotherapy recordings are  like having a one to one session with Debbie for a fraction of the cost.

Over 30 hypnotherapy titles

Have a look at over 30 studio recorded hypnotherapy and NLP products which took years of preparing and writing.
Debbie Williams has drawn on her many years of working with clients in Birmingham and London and helping Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna for many years.

Try some hypnosis for free

You can download a free hypnotherapy and NLP recording ‘stop worrying and create a wonderful life” from here

International clients for Birmingham hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy clients have flown in to Birmingham to work with Debbie as well as travelling from all over the country to come to her.

Birmingham hypnotherapy self help

If you are not from Birmingham or if you’d like to work on yourself at home for a fraction of the cost of a hypnotherapy session then Birmingham hypnotherapist professionally recorded self help hypnosis and NLP programmes will help you.

Hypnotherapy for emotional issues

Have a look at this section of Birmingham hypnotherapy web shop it covers panic, anxiety, OCD all studio recorded self help hypnosis and NLP programmes from Birmingham hypnotist and life coach Debbie Williams to help you help yourself.

 Birmingham Hypnotherapy for Addictions

If you have any addictions and want to overcome them then on this link there are self help hypnosis and NLP recordings for all kinds of addictions.

Addictions like overeating or binge eating on food, drugs, ie cocaine, heroin to lying and other help in this self help hypnosis for addictions section.

Hypnotherapy for Healing Birmingham hypnotists titles include; more self esteem and overcoming grief and even childhood abuse in this section of the webshop. titles start at only £15

Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis for Self Improvement

Personal development and self improvement is an interest of many. Have a look at Birmingham hypnotherapy recordings for this subject here;
In this selection of self help hypnosis and NLP recordings Debbie Williams covers confidence to public speaking fears and so much more.

Birmingham Hypnotherapy One To One

If you wanted help from Debbie and can travel to Sutton Coldfield Birmingham West Midlands then you can contact her here and read more about costs ect ect
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Frank Bruno, Birmingham hypnotist suggests help

Frank Bruno;

Case Study by Birmingham Hypnotist

Birmingham hypnotist, NLP master practitioner and life coach Debbie Williams talks about how she would work with Frank Bruno to help him overcome his bi polar.

Frank Bruno, a cure for bi polar?

 Birmingham hypnotist Debbie Williams who is also a NLP master practitioner and life coach explaining in this you tube video how she would help someone who has bi polar to have a more balanced mindset.

Bi Polar can be helped

If you suffer from bi polar and want to get better and are prepared to work at it then the first place to start is to get Birmingham hypnotists free hypnosis download stop worrying and create a wonderful life from this link here;
 Debbie says it wont cure anyone of their bi polar but it will help to start your mindset to go towards a more positive direction. You will receive Birmingham hypnotist and life coach monthly coaching newsletter to focus on goals of how to be happy again.

Birmingham hypnotist, a message;

If you know Frank Bruno, please pass this video onto him as I would love to work with him using hypnosis and NLP for free in exchange for recording it to help others see more fully his journey and therefore help themselves to let go or the extremes of bi polar and feel in balance again.
My mums best friend, like Frank Bruno had bi polar and even recorded a programme with the BBC, Horizon I think about his treatment and being forced to have ECT against his will, which just created gaps in his memory and did nothing to help him recover from bi polar.
I’ll never forget the Christmas card from his wife saying Andy’s dead they killed him (her belief) It was when I was just mastering NLP and thinking I could of helped him, and the more I heard his story about his bi polar the more I knew I could of helped him.

Birmingham Hypnotherapy and NLP

Debbie is a hypnotist, having studied hypnotherapy with British Hypnosis research and Stephen Brookes. Birmingham based hypnotist has also  been a trainer of NLP and has helped Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna on over 50 NLP practitioner, master practitioner courses mainly in London.
She runs a successful hypnotherapy and NLP practice in her home town of Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands UK.
The NLP modalities of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic are spoken about in this you tube video about Frank Bruno, a cure for bi polar as well as meta programmes and strategies to change your thinking into a more resourceful mindset.

Bipolar helped with Birmingham hypnotist videos

People with bi polar have lots of thoughts whizzing around in their head and many of them can be distressing . The links here will help anyone who suffers from negative thoughts as well as anyone with bi polar to become more centred if they do the exercises below.

Exercises to break negative patterns

Here is a specific exercise on how to process those negative thoughts whether you are bi polar or not. You will need to do this often to break the negative trains of thoughts.

NLP to be happy

More help in training the mind how to be happy with NLP based strategies on developing more happiness and balance in your life helping to leave the polar opposites of bi polar in the past

Birmingham hypnotist testimonials

You can watch some testimonials for clients who came to Birmingham to see Debbie personally including a chap who overcame his panic attacks and so much more…
Sutton Coldfield hypnotist other free hypnosis recording and fantastic video testimonials for miracles which happened after listening to it See real people who Debbie has helped in videos overcoming diseases, coming out of comas and overcoming PTSD

Birmingham hypnotist help at home from £15

Some NLP and hypnotherapy products for sale to help overcome bi polar each one cost from only £15 as a download and are like having a one to one session with Debbie for a fraction of the cost. Have a look at over 30 studio recorded hypnosis and NLP products which took years of preparing and writing.
The feedback is these are no ordinary hypnosis and they are right. You can see from the testimonials on the links above.
Debbie drawing on her many years of working with clients in Birmingham and London. Clients have flown in to work with Debbie as well as travelling from all over the country to come to Birmingham.

Birmingham hypnotist help for anxieties which covers panic, anxiety, OCD all studio recorded self help hypnosis and NLP programmes from Birmingham hypnotist and life coach to help you help yourself.

Birmingham hypnotist overcoming addictions covers addictions to food, drugs,ie cocaine, heroin to lying and other help in this section.

Grief, self esteem and more help Birmingham hypnotists titles include; more self esteem and overcoming grief and even childhood abuse

Personal help with Birmingham hypnotist

If you wanted help from Debbie and can travel to Sutton Coldfield Birmingham West Midlands then you can contact her here
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Help to get pregnant

Help to get pregnant

You want to get pregnant, maybe you’ve been trying to conceive for some time now and it’s just not happening for you, leaving you feeling more and more despondent about it.

You wish you could get pregnant but its that time of the month and you’ve come on your period yet again, you feel angry, upset and utterly devastated.

Birmingham hypnotherapist and fertility expert

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has helped many couples to get pregnant. The first thing she does is help them to stop being so stressed about not being pregnant right now. When that pressure is lifted everything feels more manageable.

Stop worrying free hypnosis recording

The Birmingham fertility expert is giving her free hypnosis recording ‘stop worrying’ to help you. It doesn’t promise to get you pregnant but it can help lift some of the stress and desperation you are feeling in trying to get pregnant.

Continually stressing about not being pregnant produces chemical reactions within your body which can actually stop you from conceiving, the very thing you really want.

Lift some of the stress and the weight of the world of those shoulders now as you learn to relax and stop worrying and stressing about having a child with this free recording.

It may feel like pregnancy is never going to happen. Each month, perhaps you set yourself up to expect to have a  period, you are looking for every tell tale symptoms that may prove you are going to have a period again this month.

Noticing increased appetite or those breasts becoming tender and any other tell-tale signs convince you,”Oh no, here we go again”.

How to get pregnant, change your focus

How to get pregnant is helped by focusing only on what you want, not your fears.

Your focus may be totally in the wrong direction.  Let me give you an example try to not think about the colour blue, have you not thought about blue yet?

You may have been trying to not think about coming on your period each month but worrying about it means that your mind and body is thinking ‘coming on your period”, OK we can do that.

How to get pregnant easily requires you lift this burden of stress of your shoulders.

By changing your mindset, starting to focus on what would it feel like to have a healthy pregnancy and easy birth and ousting any negative thoughts that may prevent this.

Some strategies for getting pregnant

You need to follow the mindset of success.

Anyone who has succeeded in winning in life has seen it first in their minds eye. There is no room for conflicting movies to be run in mind as that would confuse them and disable them from succeeding.

Birmingham hypnotherapist and fertility expert Debbie Williams has a special hypnosis recording which can help you to focus your mind on your success.

Hypnosis to imagine being pregnant

Hypnosis to imagine being pregnant can help you right now, read more on this post

Or read about Birmingham hypnotherapists self help recording to overcome blocks to pregnancy which will help you to relax and be open to having a baby now. .

Just like top athletes see themselves over and over winning the race, you have a chance to do this with the fertility experts help and guidance to focus on the positive outcome of getting pregnant or something even better.

Fertility expert Birmingham hypnotherapist  Debbie’s overcome the fear of childbirth hypnosis will help to get your mindset right to get pregnant with hypnosis or to help you if you are using IVF as it can support that journey too.

Get pregnant now; Birmingham fertility hypnosis expert

Watch Debbie talk about help to get pregnant in this video below.

If you wanted one to one help from Birmingham fertility expert hypnotherapist you can contact her here


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Stop Worrying and create a wonderful life with hypnotherapy

Get Your Free Hypnosis To Stop Worry

You can get this Free with Birmingham hypnotherapist

To stop worrying with Debbie Williams read on…

If you worry continuously and want to stop then try Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams free self help hypnosis recording which will help lift some of the stress of your shoulders.

Debbie Williams still sells many copies of this recording and you can read all about it on the link below, remember to come back here though to get the download for free.

Here is where you can get your copy of the  stop worrying download recording for free.

Debbie Williams NLP trainer and Master practitioner from Birmingham has many videos on her NLP site which can help you to overcome anxious feelings.

You can hear a short version of the stop worrying recording on her you tube video here


stop worrying and create the life you want hypnosis image for self help CD

Stop Worrying and Create a Wonderful Life

  • Are the stresses of life affecting you?
  • Like to be able to handle your worries?
  • Sleep soundly waking up resourceful
  • Powerful hypnosis track guaranteed
  • To Help you live a happier life

Birmingham hypnotherapy to help with anxiety

Stop worrying with Birmingham NLP hypnotherapy free recording and life coaching and hypnosis recordings to stop panic, overcome anxiety, OCD.

If your worrying is a real problem then there are other recordings from Birmingham hypnotherapy which can help you.

Prices are very affordable and hypnosis recordings start from only £15

Stop Panic Attacks with Birmingham Hypnotherapist

A 5 track NLP and hypnosis recording which you can work through at home. This is like having a session with Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams but in the comfort of your own home

This recording is £19 as a download and £27 as a CD. A hypnotherapy and NLP session with Debbie would be £145.

By buying the NLP and hypnosis recording you can listen to it over and over at home as the brain learns by repetition.

Overcoming Anxiety with Birmingham Hypnotherapist

Overcoming anxiety is the perfect companion to the above as it will help train your mind to be less anxious and gain mastery over your thoughts.

Read more now what is on the overcoming anxiety recording here

This NLP and hypnosis recording also is only £19 as a download and £27 as a CD.

A session with Debbie would be £145. By buying the NLP and hypnosis recording you can listen to it over and over to make lasting changes for the better.

More hypnosis help

More hypnosis help for emotional issues is available here, have a look at the different hypnosis titles to help you with hypnotherapy at home.

And more help with healing especially pain from the past. Titles like overcoming grief, heal the inner child, heal the heavy heart and many more starting from only £15

If you wanted a one to one with Debbie Williams at her Birmingham NLP and hypnotherapy practice you can book online with a credit card here

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