Food Phobia

Food phobia and fussy eating

Food Phobia’s fussy eating, restricted diets and the compulsion to gag can be overcome and helped with hypnosis and NLP (neuro  linguistic programming) self help with Birmingham hypnotherapist self help recording overcome a food phobia.

Food Phobia or Fear of Eating Foods

Food phobia’s are quite common in adults with the fear that you will gag or choke if you try new foods.

Luckily this fear of foods can be treated effectively either with a self help hypnosis recording or with a one to one hypnosis and NLP session with Birmingham hypnotherapist and master practitioner Debbie Williams.

Food phobias in adults

Food phobia’s in adults have often continued from childhood picky eating habits or fears of eating certain foods. It could be as a child you didn’t like the food in front of you and realised if you stood your ground you didn’t have to eat it.

As a child vegetables may not of been to your taste and so you avoided them at all costs maybe eating the occasional token vegetable and now as an adult the thought of eating certain foods seems almost alien to you.

Now you may be worrying about the long term health consequences of your restricted diet and food phobias .

If you would like some personal help to learn to eat more foods (and enjoy it ) then please contact Debbie here or call 0121 241 0728 office hours.

Help With Hypnotherapy, Overcome Fear of Foods

Debbie Williams Birmingham based hypnotherapist has recorded a self help CD called “overcome a food phobia” which you can listen to in the comfort of your own home.

Have hypnotherapy and NLP for fussy eating at home with hypnosis recording

You can order the overcome a food phobia in CD format or as a download.

As you listen and relax suggestions of being able to swallow and enjoy a greater variety of foods, sometimes even only noticing afterwards that you naturally just found yourself eating something new and enjoying it without realising.

Debbie is a master hypnotherapist having assisted not only Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler from 1995 she also trained and assisted on 10 years worth of Tony Robbins from 1993 after he first came to Birmingham.

If you wanted one to one help from Birmingham food phobias expert to help you to add more variety and overcome your phobia then contact Birmingham hypnotherapist here

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Birmingham hypnotherapist fellow life coach Pete Cohen working with a guy with a food phobia for GMTV

You can get Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams self hypnosis to help you to overcome your food phobia