Confidence can be learned

You can be more confident it is just a strategy and it can be taught and mastered by you.  Debbie Williams NLP Trainer and hypnotherapist has produced some self help recordings so you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

Debbie trained with the best and became an assistant to Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler since 1995, working with many clients referred by them over the years.

Working in the miracle zone Debbie talks about the Ultimate confidence trance track available from here;

Confidence coaching

Confidence and self development of how to be more confident is a subject Birmingham based hypnotherapist , NLP trainer covers in her monthly online newsletter, so please sign up and allow Debbie to coach you to make improvements in your life.

What stops us from being confident more often than not is that we get hooked on an emotion that we think is important because it feels powerful. And sometimes it limits us in our ability to achieve our goals.

Confidence has quite a simple strategy and if you purchase Debbie Williams recording ‘Ultimate confidence’ you will get the chance to learn not just this strategy but also how other people do it by stepping into their shoes and fast tracking your learning.

Debbie teaches you how to wipe out any blockages to your confidence—helping you to rewire your brain for better outcomes.

Confidence testimonials

I’d been seriously ill for 5 years when I first listened to this CD. I was in constant pain, looked and felt terrible and my confidence was in the gutter. Not any more! I’m so much happier today. It’s great to feel comfortable in any situation and I love that I seem to be making new friends everywhere. This is a great CD. Liz
Can I take the opportunity to thank you for the assistance, confidence and advice that you have given me so far.  I may still have lots to do but it feels that I have made a huge step forward over the last few months – there is one thing in particular that still really stands out for me and, if I keep it up, I would never be able to thank you enough for helping me get over it!!!        KM

Whenever I’m not feeling myself I access my resources through the Ultimate Confidence CD. It’s a wonderful way to remember who I am and get some perspective back! Zoe

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