Be Lean

Be Lean

How to be lean and stay lean, whether you need to lose weight or recover from an eating disorder or even you want to just get lean at the gym then hypnosis can help you to achieve your goal of how to be lean.

How to be lean

How to be lean can be achieved through the foods you eat ( and those you choose not to) and the exercise you choose to work on those areas that you want to be lean.

On this page if you scroll down there are lots of free videos covering all sorts of things that can help you to be lean, including some free weight loss trances and how to motivate yourself to exercise, get to the gym and be lean now.

Lets deal with foods first, then exercise in your quest to be lean.

If you find you can’t stop eating certain foods because you feel compulsed to eat them, Many of my self hypnosis recordings can help you eliminate those foods from your life completely, or at least reduce the amount you eat and leave you feeling like you can take it or leave it.

Debbie helped Paul McKenna on GMTV and worked with the ‘Tamworth crisp crunchers’ to overcome their addiction to crisps, she has self hypnosis recordings which will help you to become leaner by using the power of your mind to work for you.

Titles like;

Stop chocolate addiction, if you overeat chocolate and it is sabotaging your attempts to become lean then this recording will sort that out for you. Read more here;

Overcome addictions to cheese, pizza, ice cream, cakes and biscuits; both recordings only cost £19 as a download and come with a money back guarantee.

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams

Birmingham based hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has worked with Olympic sports people, footballers, golfers all types of athletes as well as working with many private clients helping them lose weight or recover from an eating disorder.

Its Debbie’s belief that the answer to all eating disorders and weight problems is to learn to eat as a lean, healthy happy person does.

My one recording ‘How to be lean’ for life can help you on that journey it costs only £19 to download and £27 as a CD with free P & P. Read more about how to be lean here;

How to be lean; video one

How to get motivated; Be lean now…

How to be lean for life with hypnotherapy

Free weight loss hypnosis trance by Birmingham hypnotherapist

How to be lean courses in Birmingham

Debbie will be running more how to be lean courses including online “how to be lean” courses supported by hypnosis recordings workbooks and so much more.

Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Sessions

If you wanted one to one help from Birmingham expert hypnotherapist you can contact her here

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