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Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine TV Programme

You may have seen the recent programme Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine, where chef Gordon Ramsey leads a documentary on how cocaine is not only rife in society, but also in his restaurants.

Debbie Williams is an expert in cocaine addictions, see all the testimonial videos below, call 0121 241 0728 when you are ready to get some help to stop abusing coke.

Death Due To Cocaine

David Dempsey a talented chef and friend to Gordon Ramsey fell 40 feet to death as an act of delirium linked to coke. Gordon’s own brother got into cocaine then heroin.

Drugs In The UK

Drugs sold in the UK each year cost society £10.7 billion in policing, healthcare and crime.

Over 140,000 crimes committed including shooting, stabbing with drug related theft costing £6 billion alone. Many road deaths linked to cocaine being used by the driver.

Ive had clients tell me they have sniffed it as they travel along the motorway.

For every £1 invested on treatment and prevention £2.50 is saved, research has showed. Presently 2.7 million 16-59 year olds in England and Wales take illegal drugs, which is actually down from 10.5% a decade ago to 8%.

Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Help

What we do is the most effective as it really gets inside your mind to help break the hold cocaine has over you. We have worked with people who have tried re-hab, tried detox, tried 12 step programmes, tried specific phase signal frequencies, hypnosis, NLP and its not been enough to help them.

See our client testimonials from actual clients as they can speak better for us that we ever could. Over 20 real people talking about their experience .

Over 30 videos in the playlist some with helpful suggestions to get you started on the road to freedom.

Then give us a call 0121 241 0728 or book online here a double breakthrough session.

Cocaine Use (And Deaths) Are On The Rise

This is not true for cocaine which Britain consumed 30 tons per year, which is more than any other European country.

UK gone up 400% in last 20 years Coke related deaths going up all the time. Up 16% from last year.

Criminality In South America

In Columbia over 1 million people are involved working in the cocaine trade. Many just to survive and feed their families. It’s a 40 billion pound industry.

Its the drug barons and cartels who hoover up the money. They order killings and bribe police and government officials in order to carry on their business.

In Honduras there has been 430 murders in the last 2 months related to the cocaine trade.

Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine How To Cook It

Gordon watches how cocaine is processed before it gets to the end user.

The coca leaves are mixed with cement powder, sulphuric acid, then dowsed in gasoline.
Battery acid then helps separate cocaine from gasoline,  bicarbonate of soda is added and then everything is dried. It’s cooked to take out impurities, then turned into paste.
It is then sold on by the farmer (who faces 20 years in jail if caught) and more chemicals added before it’s ready to be sold again where it is cut and cut again with more hazardous, toxic, poisonous and some cancer causing chemicals.

The Cost Of Cocaine

£35,000 per kilo wholesale then £100,000 street value. Nowadays it can be diluted into liquid and put into bottles rum 2 grams into 1 mililitre of water 1/4 of a kilogram of cocaine hydro chloride.

If you drank one mouthful, you’d die. A 25 ml shot contains 8 grams cocaine.

Other ways is to use drug mules who swallow bags of cocaine which works its way through the body, intestines out through backside.

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