How to Stop Facial Spasms


How to Stop Facial Spasms 

An Enquiry to Birmingham Hypnotherapist

Hi Debbie,

 I have had this problem since I was a teenager and Im now 30. Whenever I talk to someone, while Im listening to what they are saying, I get severe facial spasms.

My cheeks and side of my mouth keep twitching involuntarily. This has destroyed my life, I used to be a happy person, being social but ever since this started I am afraid to interact with anyone. I am sick of it and to be honest I dont think I want to live my life like this.

I know nothing about hypnosis but I just read that it might help with this, is it true? Thank you for your time.


Reply From Birmingham Hypnotherapist  

Yes I can help you, I often get asked ‘Can hypnosis show me how to stop facial spasms or tics?

My answer is firstly check with your GP to see if there are any treatable causes for this then I answer;

I couldn’t say that we would be able to eliminate the facial spasm or facial tic completely, but I know we will be able to reduce the symptoms and stop it happening so often.

We can also reduce the anxiety so that   when it does go into spasm you are not  so affected or upset by it.

Your spasms have habituated

The facial spasms or tics can become a habit and your brain is expecting it to occur. You think ‘’I hope it doesn’t happen when I meet so and so…  (before an event) Your mind then sees a movie of your face going into spasm and you dread going or find a way to avoid going out completely.
As it now makes you feel bad in advance and this negative spiral reduces your confidence and self esteem and takes any joy out of life.

Hypnosis and NLP can help with spasms

Hypnosis and NLP together will be much more powerful to help reducing the symptoms of facial spasms and tics.
Hypnosis on its own may help or not depending on the experience of the hypnotherapist. It should definitely help with the stress part of the problem.
The NLP  ( I’m a Master Practitioner and Trainer as well as a Hypnotherapist)  is a system of being able to re- programme your mind for solutions and adjusting thinking patterns to be more resourceful. 
it can take the ‘sting’ out of a negative emotion/feeling so that you feel empowered again and care much less if your face does spasm.
That along with everything else we do will stop it happening all the time and allow it to fade out as you move on with your life.

Previous clients with facial spasms/ tics 

This is what has happened with many other clients of mine.
The spasms or facial tics reduce or go completely overtime only coming back in a much lesser degree when they are stressed about something, which becomes a useful message for them to think ‘what do I need to do to deal with this situation” and as they do that if goes away again.
Where you are at the moment is constantly thinking about ‘your problem’  and facial spasms or tics and your brain cannot process negation and by that I mean, try not to think of the colour blue. 

Focusing on what you want

Blue appears there in your mind. This is what you have been doing with the facial spasms. 
ie I hope my face doesn’t go into spasms when i….
And your brain sees what you are focusing on
NLP can stop that and hypnosis can help re-build a better prediction for the future. A bit like when I’ve worked with athletes we focus on the internal movie of them winning with no room for the movie of what they don’t want.
What I do is much more specific, detailed and more powerful than Ive explained here but Ive tried to put it in a way that will make sense to you.

Birmingham hypnotherapy costs 

I charge £145 for a session and it will take 2-3 sessions to really move things forward. (you will feel more positive even after the first session) And the sessions can be spread over 2-3 months if needed.
You can pay online with a credit card if you need to

Free hypnosis for healing

Also please get my free hypnosis healing recording and have a watch of some of the videos of people who have listened to it and the results they have had.

Self help for spasms and facial tics 

If you wanted to go down the self help route then my ‘Ultimate Confidence’ recording will also help with rebuilding your confidence again.
It has many useful tools and NLP exercises which can help with your issue.
You will have to listen to it a lot to get to understand the techniques and then use them
Let me know if you would like to book a session and we can get started in helping with your facial spasms and/or tics. 
I can usually book you in within 7-10 days 
Kind regards
You can pay a deposit here for your session online with a credit card or debit card.


Trained in NLP with many trainers including Dr Richard Bander's to become an assistant for Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler on over 50 courses also helping Anthony Robbins for ten years until 2003 Most of my clients come directly from Paul McKenna and some from Dr Bandler as well as the Just Be Well clinic No 1 Harley Street London.
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