Three Kind Of Binge Drinkers

Binge Drinkers Who Can’t Stop?

& The New Problem

1, The ‘fish’, always has binged drank

2, The ‘bottle of wine every night at home drinker’

3, The cocaine user who gets drunk, has a line to sober up.

Binge Drinkers, The Fish

Most of us were first exposed to alcohol when we started going out with our mates, we overdid it one night and in the morning decided “Never again” and next time we were out we slowed down and drank less.

We feared the hangover, the throwing up and the room spinning. Over time we learned to find the amount of drink we could tolerate.

Yet in your group of friends there may have been ‘the fish’ you know the person who just kept going and didn’t seem to suffer any side effects or hangovers.

Yes, they may have been the one who danced on the table or worse and they seemed to be a lot of fun to be around. Well, earlier on in the evening at least.

I see a lot of these “fish” in my clinic as overtime they realise they don’t remember much of their evenings. Perhaps they’ve been known to black out.

Females worry they could be attacked and they wouldn’t even know. Males the same, and both may have been told they are aggressive nasty drunks or an embarrassment to be around in that state.

It is all in the planning really. Binge drinkers thinks;

“I’m going to get wrecked/hammered/slaughtered tonight”

They may try to be good but the overriding direction is a subconscious decision already made. It’s a road they have always gone down.

Trying to not drink to excess won’t work unless you have a plan in place beforehand. As soon as you have one drink your ‘sensible internal dialogue’  is off. Replaced by thoughts of “It’s time to party, you only live once, yeah get me another…”

The Bottle A Night Drinker…

Another kind of binge drinker is the bottle of wine most nights at home drinker. Often when they come for help, they say they are depressed but haven’t got any reason to be.

When we wean them off their habit and put boundaries in ie ‘No drinking midweek…ever.’ Unless a mega special occasion. Weirdly their depression goes. Not weird at all as alcohol is a depressant.

Alcohol had become their switch off for the end of the day and may have started out as just one glass giving them a nice relaxing feeling or as a help treat whilst cooking tea for everyone else and they would leave the rest of the bottle in tact.

But because they have no plan, it’s easy for intake to creep up and have just one more glass and then, “Oh well, I may as well finish the bottle” As humans we feel a certain satisfaction when we finish things.

Mornings have a heavier feeling, but by lunchtime they are planning which shop to drop in to get tonights bottle.

Tolerance grows and at weekends it can go up to one and a half or even two bottles. People reason to themselves “I’ve worked hard all week I deserve this”

 A New Kind Of Binge Drinker

A new kind of binge drinker is on the scene nowadays. The one who gets drunk and then has a line or two of cocaine to sober up and it does do that. Well, sort of they become alert and awake as cocaine is a stimulant and alcohol a depressant.

This becomes a habit, maybe once twice a month, then every weekend, then perhaps as they fear the comedown of cocaine, they start having lines during the day.

Maybe consuming a bottle of vodka, then the cocaine. Many do this whilst running a business. What a slippery slope they are on.

There is a much better way. We can help sort out your drinking and other addictions.

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Cocaine Addiction Testimonial Two Years On

Cocaine Addiction Testimonials Follow Up

Two years on and I haven’t touched charlie (Cocaine) for two years now. Please watch these videos and many others from people just like you that we have helped break their cocaine addiction.

Second Cocaine Addiction Testimonial

This chap has saved over £20,000 in the last couple of years since he has stopped abusing cocaine. He has now saved enough to buy his house. He couldn’t have done it when abusing cocaine.

For even more cocaine testimonials visit our specialised website Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Clinic.

If you’d like some help to overcome a cocaine addiction, you can see the costs here and book your session at the Birmingham Cocaine addiction Clinic.

Help From Ethical Therapist To Stop Abusing Coke

Listen to what one of our clients says about working with us. Please take your time exploring options before booking to see someone to help you.

We walk our talk and have many video testimonials. 99% of clients would not want to be filmed.

Am I Addicted To Cocaine As I Only Use Weekends

Many people question if they are actually addicted as they only use at the weekend. Please watch the video as Debbie Williams explains the reason why you may actually have a cocaine habit if you have to have it at weekends.

Treatment Options For Cocaine Addiction

Debbie Williams discusses the different options for treating cocaine including hypnosis which she believes is not necessarily the most effective.

Birmingham cocaine addictions expert Debbie Williams explains about rehab and self help group therapy including 12 step programmes, detoxes and more here.

There is a self help NLP and hypnosis recording called “Stop Cocaine Abuse’ which costs only £19 to download. Or if you want to have one to one treatment visit our main website to find out more of how we work.

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Young People Using Cocaine On The Rise

Teenagers & Young Adults Admit Using Cocaine

More and more young people admit that they have experimented with cocaine. New data from the Home Office shows one in five 16-24 year olds took illegal drugs in 2017/18.

Cannabis still remains the most used drug with some 16.7% saying they had used it over the same period.

Worryingly half of the teenagers aged 16-19 said they would find it very easy to get illegal drugs within 24 hours.

Birmingham Cocaine Help Centre

At the Birmingham Cocaine Help Centre  we seldom see clients younger than mid twenties for a cocaine addiction as before that, people don’t even realise that they are gradually getting dependant on illegal drugs.

Sometimes its a psychological dependance that develops over time and has all the same feelings of an actual addiction as the brain has wired itself to link going out the weekends = drug use = having a good time.

This is a hard link to break and when people try to stop taking cocaine on the weekends, then they realise they can’t and they have a dependance on it.

It can be a worrying time, realising that you are no longer in control of the cocaine, it is controlling you.

Some clients tell us, they don’t even enjoy it anymore but they do get exited about getting it. Then its “Oh no, I better take it now” and they continue using cocaine.

A Vicious Cycle of Using Cocaine

They are stuck in a vicious cycle of cocaine abuse and can’t stop. some abuse cocaine secretly at home whilst others still do it out with their mates, caught up with the bravado of it being part of their lifestyle .

If you have a problem with cocaine or someone you know does. Please visit Debbie Williams purpose built website where there is so much help and tips to get your mind in the right place to stop using cocaine.

Success Testimonials

We have loads of video testimonials from clients who gained back control over their own minds and set themselves free from their cocaine habit watch them here.

On this website we also have help for gambling , binge drinking and PTSD as well as self help for cocaine addiction including our downloadable programme to stop cocaine abuse for only £19.


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Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine; Birmingham Help

Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine TV Programme

You may have seen the recent programme Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine, where chef Gordon Ramsey leads a documentary on how cocaine is not only rife in society, but also in his restaurants.

Debbie Williams is an expert in cocaine addictions, see all the testimonial videos below, call 0121 241 0728 when you are ready to get some help to stop abusing coke.

Death Due To Cocaine

David Dempsey a talented chef and friend to Gordon Ramsey fell 40 feet to death as an act of delirium linked to coke. Gordon’s own brother got into cocaine then heroin.

Drugs In The UK

Drugs sold in the UK each year cost society £10.7 billion in policing, healthcare and crime.

Over 140,000 crimes committed including shooting, stabbing with drug related theft costing £6 billion alone. Many road deaths linked to cocaine being used by the driver.

Ive had clients tell me they have sniffed it as they travel along the motorway.

For every £1 invested on treatment and prevention £2.50 is saved, research has showed. Presently 2.7 million 16-59 year olds in England and Wales take illegal drugs, which is actually down from 10.5% a decade ago to 8%.

Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Help

What we do is the most effective as it really gets inside your mind to help break the hold cocaine has over you. We have worked with people who have tried re-hab, tried detox, tried 12 step programmes, tried specific phase signal frequencies, hypnosis, NLP and its not been enough to help them.

See our client testimonials from actual clients as they can speak better for us that we ever could. Over 20 real people talking about their experience .

Over 30 videos in the playlist some with helpful suggestions to get you started on the road to freedom.

Then give us a call 0121 241 0728 or book online here a double breakthrough session.

Cocaine Use (And Deaths) Are On The Rise

This is not true for cocaine which Britain consumed 30 tons per year, which is more than any other European country.

UK gone up 400% in last 20 years Coke related deaths going up all the time. Up 16% from last year.

Criminality In South America

In Columbia over 1 million people are involved working in the cocaine trade. Many just to survive and feed their families. It’s a 40 billion pound industry.

Its the drug barons and cartels who hoover up the money. They order killings and bribe police and government officials in order to carry on their business.

In Honduras there has been 430 murders in the last 2 months related to the cocaine trade.

Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine How To Cook It

Gordon watches how cocaine is processed before it gets to the end user.

The coca leaves are mixed with cement powder, sulphuric acid, then dowsed in gasoline.
Battery acid then helps separate cocaine from gasoline,  bicarbonate of soda is added and then everything is dried. It’s cooked to take out impurities, then turned into paste.
It is then sold on by the farmer (who faces 20 years in jail if caught) and more chemicals added before it’s ready to be sold again where it is cut and cut again with more hazardous, toxic, poisonous and some cancer causing chemicals.

The Cost Of Cocaine

£35,000 per kilo wholesale then £100,000 street value. Nowadays it can be diluted into liquid and put into bottles rum 2 grams into 1 mililitre of water 1/4 of a kilogram of cocaine hydro chloride.

If you drank one mouthful, you’d die. A 25 ml shot contains 8 grams cocaine.

Other ways is to use drug mules who swallow bags of cocaine which works its way through the body, intestines out through backside.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 13.02.54

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Stop Gambling Help With Hypnosis

Help To Stop Gambling

If you have a gambling addiction and feel you need to get some help to stop gambling, then these series of FREE videos by Birmingham addictions expert Debbie Williams will help.

Watch this intro video to find out more.

Video One Help To Stop Gambling

If you really do want to overcome your addiction to gambling, these videos will really help you to succeed. There is a life waiting outside of gambling.

Also please watch the testimonial video further down the page from an actual client talking about his success.

If you are serious about dealing with your gambling problem, then please bookmark this page and go through the exercises on the videos to help break this destructive habit.

Your brain has learned to link pleasure to the high of gambling and winning but it hasn’t connected the dots to how it will feel later when you lose all your money.

What has gambling done for you lately?

What does it cost you?

How much have you lost thus far?

Do you keep going when you’ve won until you lose the lot?

Do you feel invincible and think you are guided ?

Odds Are Stacked Against You

This video can help you to overcome any addiction. It teaches you how to manage those urges to gamble.

The intensity of the urges cause you to gamble.

With this simple tip you can easily manage the few minutes of intense craving to get to the point where it wains.

Free Hypnosis Trance To Stop Gambling

You will need to listen to this hypnosis trance to stop gambling often. Everyday for at least a month, ideally make it part of your daily routine to listen to it to help you to have mastery over your own mind.

Extra Help From Birmingham Hypnotherapist

If you would like to work one to one with Debbie Williams, you can see the costs here. Along with over 25 video testimonials from actual clients Debbie has helped.

Gambling Help In Birmingham Testimonial

Also Debbie Williams  Blitz Negative Thoughts Programme will help you to have mastery over your own mind. It will help with lifting stress, anxiety, worry, OCD, depression and so much more. It’s like having the owners manual for you brain.

Click the link above to find out more about this programme.

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NLP Spelling Method

How To Spell With NLP: Free Lessons

You may or may not of heard of the NLP spelling strategy. In fact there isn’t a definitive one, there are many variations using NLP on how to spell.

This version was developed by my son when he was only 8 years old. He then went onto write a book “The Secret Spell To Spelling “ which if you click the link you will see for sale on Amazon.

It is a great support to the free videos on this page teaching you Alex’s NLP spelling strategy as it has lots of other useful ideas to learn and master spelling in a fun way.

Co-founder of NLP Dr Richard Bandler

Dr Richard Bandler “I read Alex’s book and it is brilliant…and quite refreshing. It gives me hope for the things Ive been trying to get into schools for four decades will at last find their way into the hands of kids everywhere… Great work !!!”

NLP Life Training Event With Alex Teaching NLP Spelling

Alex and I have taught his NLP spelling method at the London Excel exhibition centre where it was recorded. Here is the first video teaching you the NLP spelling strategy.

NLP Spelling Strategy Video Two

If you are interested in how this NLP spelling strategy could help anyone diagnosed with dyslexia then please scroll to 9 mins 55 seconds in.

Video Three Of The NLP Spelling Strategy With Alex

The final video from the EXPO presentation in London with NLP Life Training.

Teachers Please Share

If you are a teacher or know one, please feel free to share these videos to teachers, parents and students as they will really help to master spelling with ease.

Dyslexia Help With NLP

More help with Debbie Williams using Alex’s NLP spelling method to help those with dyslexia. The book  “The Secret Spell To Spelling “ has more info to help you too.

NLP Spellings For Year Five and Six

Complete playlist for compulsory school spellings recorded with Alex Mole-Williams and mum, Debbie Williams.

NLP Spellings For Year Three and Four

Playlist for the hundred words children have to learn in year three and four.

Visit Alex’s website, which he built himself with a bit of help from the guys in the Apple shop in Sutton Coldfield for more information. The Secret Spell To Spelling Website

Also please like our Facebook page The Secret Spell To Spelling 

And subscribe to our youtube channel “The Secret Spell To Spelling “ where we teach so much more…

Alex Showing His Spelling Skills With This Long Word

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3 Times A Week Cocaine Abuser Stops With Help

Heavy Cocaine Abuser Stops With Ease

Heavy cocaine abuser stops with ease.

“Ive paid my debts and gone from unbearable anxiety and frustration for the cravings for cocaine to feeling more confident and happier in myself.”

If you want to stop being a cocaine abuser then Call 0121 241 0728 and lets get started.

“I gave my dad my credit cards as I couldn’t trust myself any more. I would let my kids down and disappoint my family with this habit. I couldn’t stop.”

“I took cocaine 3 times a week and the change is indescribable. Everything in my life has changed for the better.”

The Positive Change Is Fantastic

“Ive set goals for myself and I didn’t think things could turn around so fast. New opportunities have been offered to me.”

“I feel like I’m a magnet to money.”

“Ive paid of my cocaine debts and deleted and blocked my dealers. They were never my friends ..ever.”

Birmingham Cocaine Abuse Help

If you want help to stop being a cocaine abuser book a session now  Cocaine addictions expert Debbie williams has helped 1000′s over the years overcome their cocaine abuse and coached them to be happier more wealthier, healthier individuals.

You can hear real stories from real people who Debbie has helped. People have flown in to work with her as there is no one as experienced and successful in getting people free from their destructive habit.

She has a 80% success rate over 3 sessions ( 1 double breakthrough session followed by 2 single sessions spread over 2 months) and a 95% success rate in 5 sessions.

Former Cocaine Abusers Video Playlist

Watch over 30 videos from former clients who Debbie has helped. This playlist has loads of videos with useful tips. Please subscribe to our channel and contact us when you are ready to stop.

Visit Debbie’s purpose built website  where there are tons of free support for giving up your cocaine habit.

Please note 99% of clients would NOT go on video. Most want to get over their cocaine habit privately.

Bookmark this page and number 0121 241 0728 for when you are ready to stop.

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Overcoming Cocaine Abuse

Overcoming Cocaine Abuse

We have so many testimonials for overcoming cocaine abuse, many of them actual videos from people who are now free of their addiction to cocaine.

Here is an email which came today, cancelling a session on Friday as it’s not needed. Six weeks have gone by with no slips ups and a completely changed mindset.

Hi Debbie

I hope you are well?

I have been having a chat with my family and partner and I have decided to not continue with my sessions for overcoming cocaine abuse for the immediate future.

Reason being is positive though!

I have been in a good place for the last 6 weeks and even well onto my way with my saving for a house and also started plans for setting up an extra little  business on the side!

I haven’t had any slip ups and found a little exercise, eating well and just an awareness of not wanting to feel rubbish or go backwards has really helped me, along with great support.

I plan on coming back for a few sessions once I have finished on this mini conquest and got to these goals, as I feel it would be more beneficial to help me move to the next step of complete recovery and also my next life goals.

There is also talk of promotion for me in the near future to which I no doubt will need your help and guidance when I have those added pressures!

Can I take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart, since starting with you I feel I have a better grip on life and also my addiction however I no longer feel ashamed of it and more embrace it to make my life better ( embrace by not doing naturally!!! )

So thank you and I’ll be in touch when I am ready to go to the next step!

Booking A Session To Overcome Cocaine Abuse

If you want to get started on overcoming your cocaine abuse and to be free of the dark  cloud of cocaine, contact us now by booking a session here;

Or calling 0121 241 0728 please visit our new purpose built website  for lots of helpful tips to get you on the right path and mindset to quit.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.58.42

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I Drink Wine Every Night Help…

Drinking A Bottle Or More Of Wine?

Many clients contact Birmingham addictions expert Debbie Williams as they can’t seem to stop drinking wine most nights.

“I drink wine every night, help”

They have formed a habit and are finding it difficult to break. They have trained themselves to get relaxation, or switching of from the end of the day with a glass of wine, which often leads to the whole bottle.

Once I start drinking wine, I can’t stop

The first glass becomes a trigger to the brain it’s time to switch of and chillax… The trouble is, there is no plan once you get that good feeling from wine to stop drinking any more.

Alcohol switches of the internal dialogue which may suggest “You’ve had enough now” so you carry on drinking until it’s all gone.

My video here on how to stop drinking wine may give you some ideas to help you.

Make a plan to change your drinking habits

When I work with clients who feel they have a problem with alcohol and drink wine every night (or most nights) we come up with a plan and some rules. This week it’s Tuesday and Thursday plus the weekend but your goal is to have only 2 largish glasses and then hydrate with mineral water or another soft drink.

Plan; Week 2

Week 2 it’s Wednesday  and the weekend, (all aiming to have 2 glasses max. Allowing one slip up of an extra glass) Charting it as the goal is to notice that this can actually take you to the merry place, the rest is just waste. ( Or depression as my one client labelled it.)

Is drinking wine making you depressed ?

She came to me with depression but within a week of her practicing this strategy, she said she didn’t feel depressed. She woke up in the morning and felt energised and alive rather than hung over and groggy. It really helped her to break the pattern of having a drink of wine every night.

Week 3

Aim to go all week and make it a rule that you don’t drink weekdays. Again 2-3 glasses max at the weekend. Keep going until you succeed. We have truth in this plan. Once you become awake to the fact that it is the first or second glass that gives you the good feeling. It will help break the spell wine had over you.

What do I do instead ?

Drinking wine, served a purpose to you, so you need to put something in place of this to give you some of the benefits that alcohol gave you. Luckily good hypnosis can do just that. It can switch things of for you at the end of the day.

Hypnosis for relaxation and problem solving

It can help you relax and chill. Not only that, good hypnosis can get your brain on solution focus mode. They more you listen to trance the more motivated you will become to sorting things out in your life for the better. Pulling yourself out of the rut that alcohol had become for you.
Find out more for treatment for binge drinking  as well as watching a video testimonial, hearing what changed, not only for her, but for family members too.

Self help to stop drinking wine

Debbie Williams has a self help hypnosis download called stop binge drinking which has exercises to help you to overcome your old binge drinking pattern. Click the link to download your copy now for only £19.

If you want one to one help to stop drinking wine you can book a double breakthrough session at the Birmingham clinic  here. 


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Binge Drinking Treatment with Birmingham NLP Hypnotherapy

Binge Drinking Treatment In Birmingham

If you binge drink and want some help to overcome binge drinking then Birmingham expert Debbie William’s treatment for overcoming binge drinking will help you to get back control.

The treatment will include learning how to enjoy alcohol in a moderate way and retraining your brain to know when to stop.

See this testimonial for Birmingham binge drinking specialist Debbie Williams treatment.  Its powerful as the lady shares how she would black out and has broken bones previously because of her binge drinking habit.

Once A Week Binge Drinking

Many people get into the habit of binge drinking at weekends. They wake up Monday morning with a thick head and a week of work ahead of them.

Binge drinking in this way can become a habit that seems difficult to get out of. After all the first few drinks are relaxing. The reason being is that drink switches of our internal dialogue. So for a time our stresses and worries are gone.

A binge drinker doesn’t appear to have an off switch and continues drinking way past the merry state. This is also because the internal dialogue is switched off and there is nothing to stop them.

The binge drinking treatment that hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie offers includes installing strategies of those who can drink moderately and giving you an off switch.

Binge Drinking Versus Alcoholism

Many binge drinkers worry that they are becoming an alcoholic. This is seldom the case. It really comes down to having a lousy strategy. Most regular drinkers think about going out having a nice night with friends and a few beers.

A binge drinker thinks ‘I’m going to get wasted tonight’ or something similar. Their brain is only following instructions. Even thinking things like ” I hope I don’t get plastered tonight” can programme you to do the things you don’t want.

Don’t think of the colour blue. it’s now in your mind.

Treatment For Binge Drinking

With hypnosis and NLP the treatment includes putting a support team in your mind to help you to learn to enjoy enough alcohol to get pleasantly merry and to see yourself coming home with a smile on your face knowing you have stuck to the plan and had a really good time.

In fact a much better time as you were actually present, there, connecting with friends and not off your face.

Self Help For Binge Drinking

There is a self help hypnosis download that has exercises to help you to overcome your old binge drinking pattern. Click the link to download your now for only £19.

If you want one to one help you can book a double breakthrough session for stopping your binge drinking here. 

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