Help Stop Overeating


Stop Overeating Hypnosis

You can stop yourself overeating so much food by allowing hypnosis to calm your raging appetite .

Also by making a plan of what you want to eat over the next week helps as you can look at the big picture.

You can put in treats to look forward to and plan things to eat at times when you know you have a tendency to binge or overeat.

If you plan to have one legitimate bar of chocolate at 4pm and use the rule of eating consciously you will connect with the food and feel satisfaction from it.

Because you have a plan and if you use my system you will be ticking what is going well and that will help any desire to go and get a second bar of chocolate.

Learning to eat mindfully and to enjoy your food is part of the solution to stop overeating.

Healthy fast food can be both

Nutritious and delicious

Healthy fast food

Healthy food can be quick to make, nutrtious and delicious and satisfying too.

Watch Debbie Williams’s video to give yoy some ideas of what you can make easily and quickly.

Make friends with vegetables as they ill feed your cells, turn of hunger and keep you healthy.

Eating this way will help stop cravings.

Special offer on my ”Lean for Life ”Programme with over 12 hypnosis downloads a workbook and 17 mini videos to help you to stop overeating, lose weight and enjoy the journey to mastery of lean, healthy happy people and their strategies to stay slim.

Stop Overeating

Stop overeating with NLP and Birmingham hypnosis

With this one track hypnosis trance to help you to stop overeating

Weight loss

Made Easy

weight loss Birmingham slimmers world help

Multi track NLP and hypnosis recording

Say ”No” easily to foods

Stop eating cakes pizza cheese and ice cream

Help to stop binging on cakes, ice cream, pizza and biscuits.

Are You Food Phobic?

food phobia and fussy eating help to overcome restrictive and picky eating with NLP

Learn to add more healthy foods and enjoy them too.

Facts about foods you may not know

The protein myths and mothers milk

Some facts about foods: In this video eating disorders expert Debbie Williams talks about some facts about foods that you may not know.

The four food groups myths and where it all came from.

The rats who grew fast and died young.

And the studies where we get the idea we need so much protein.

Plus the places where you can research for yourself.

Binge eating distraction tips

Binge eating distraction tip: Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie talks about how you can take charge of your life with having a strategy to combat urges to overeat or binge.

Hypnosis and NLP can make your journey to wellness much easier and faster.

Your unconscious can be programmed to feel more empowered around foods making better choices easily.
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