Help Stop Blushing

Help Stop Blushing

Blushing can ruin career prospects as well as your social life says Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist Debbie Williams who runs a successful clinic in the West Midlands and has assisted and trained with Paul McKenna since 1995.

Stop Blushing Hypnosis Recording

An email come through asking how is your stop blushing recording different than the one I bought which suggested imagining blocks of ice and seeing yourself as a confident person does but it didn’t work?

Birmingham Stop Blushing Help

My stop blushing recording is much more complex than that.
It has NLP and hypnosis combined with an exercise once mastered can help wipe out layer upon layer of limitations attached to the blushing and reduce dramatically its occurrence.
When blushing does happen, you feel Ok about it rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.

Blushing Birmingham Therapist

Debbie is  a blusher, but it rarely happens and when it does she has  NO negative feelings attached to it whatsoever.
This is how it should be. If you have no negative feelings when you go red it will fade very quickly and Debbie can teach you the one phrase to say if it does happen so it empowers you rather than being disabled by the blushing.
Debbie can’t honestly remember the last time she blushed.
Its normally only heat related rather than negative thoughts, fears or worries causing it.
Once you get those connections eliminated it will happen less and less.

Private Sessions to Overcome Blushing

You can come to the Birmingham NLP clinic for one to one sessions for stopping blushing and feeling more confident in situations which caused blushing.

To book a hypnosis and NLP session in Birmingham call 0121 241 0728

Sessions start from £145 with the first one ideally being a double at £297 and includes the Stop Blushing CD and Ultimate Confidence CD.

Normally to reduce the blushing and negative feelings connected with it takes 2/3 sessions which can be spread over a 2-3 month period.

You can book your session here and pay by credit card

Stop Blushing Case Studies

One client last week who had the stop blushing download before booking a session said he felt the hypnosis track was helping but wanted to speed up progress.
He said ‘’I didn’t really get the exercise on track 2’’
‘’How many times did you listen to it ?’’ I asked
‘’Once’’, he replied
‘’That’s not enough, it will take a few listening’s to make sense of it’’
End of our 2 hour session ( he came from London and booked a double)
I asked do you think you could do the exercise now ( after we had done a version of it adjusted to his specific needs)
‘’Oh yes’’ was his reply
You can purchase the Stop Blushing recording here

Second client for blushing;

He came from Finland and was flying into London for a conference, whilst here he booked a session and came to the Birmingham NLP and Hypnotherapy Clinic.
He said he had listened to the stop blushing recording over and over and was familiar with the exercise and it had really worked for him.
He understood how his own thoughts had contributed to the excess blushing and had been able to think differently and feel more confident in loads of areas.
He had done the suggestions on the recording and was consistent in doing his part of catching certain thoughts and images in mind and putting the unhelpful ones through the exercise 2
Measuring on a scale of 1-100 how big that part was in keeping him locked in the misery of blushing. When you do the exercise you get instant feed back that the number is reducing from say 90% to 60% to 30% ect ect
There was one area where he felt he could benefit with one to one help.
We did a version of the exercise on track 2 and his response was ‘’Wow’’ he said it’s so much more powerful with you facilitating it here.
Which of course it will be as I can adjust what we do so that its relevant to him.

Feed back for Stop Blushing recording

Other purchasers of the stop blushing download have sent emails saying  its really helped them and ‘’Thank you.’’
The self help route you have to be consistent if you really want to overcome the problems blushing is causing you.

Stop Blushing Birmingham Help

The one to one for stop blushing is having Debbie Williams as your coach ( just like all the top sports people, business people have mentors) to make sure you do what’s necessary to get positive lasting results
Many clients who have bought the download get so far and come to see Debbie to help them take it further and as they have a basic understanding of what I do we can get quicker results 1-2 sessions rather than 3.

Debbie Williams NLP

 Debbie actually trains and mentors other hypnotherapists and blushing is an area that most have little skills in apart from the basic thermostat and ice block stuff which isn’t enough for many blushers.

Birmingham Free Hypnosis Recording

Debbie has also got a free recording ‘Stop worrying and create a wonderful life’’ from which if you download it means you will receive Debbie Williams  life coaching email at the beginning of the month
It has questions to set you up for a successful month ahead whilst looking at the successes and lessons of the previous months. This helps you to stay on track ( if you do it) and excel in anything you put your mind too.

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