Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking help in Birmingham

If you binge drink and want help to stop your binge drinking habit then I can help you to learn how to drink as a normal social drinker does at my Birmingham NLP and Hypnotherapy practice.

You can call now to book your session and get started in having control over alcohol, rather than it controlling you. Call on 0121 2410728 (office hours)

or email anytime on

Do I have to give up drink altogether?

You can learn how to have just a few drinks to get merry and then be able to stop drinking by perhaps switching to softer drinks for the rest of the night, by using hypnosis and NLP to re programme your mind to have control over your alcohol intake.

Many clients come to me after a session of binge drinking where they may have blacked out and it frightened them and for others its just the realisation they are out of control with their drinking.

Luckily with Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams unique NLP and hypnotherapy strategy she combines with a systematic process which  can retrain your thinking about the way you handle your alcohol consumption.

Help yourself to stop binge drinking self help hypnosis recording

Debbie also has a CD or download available online from called Stop Binge drinking priced from £19 for a mp3 download.

It’s a good place to start as it’s much cheaper than a one to one, and will either sort your drinking problem completely or at least cut down on the number of sessions if you want one to one help.

I charge from £145 per hour and including any hypnosis recordings. For many one to two sessions have been enough to stop the binge drinking.
In the first session to help you to stop binge drinking I customise the session to your personal situation and  issues.

I will explain how NLP and Hypnosis will help to change the binge drinking for good, if you are committed to overcome your binge drinking habit then you will have positive results after this first session.

Binge Drinking treatment in Birmingham

Binge Drinking treatment in Birmingham  usually takes 2/3 sessions (which can be spread over a 2/3 month time scale, more will be needed if you’ve become dependant on alcohol)

Using a formulae Ive developed over the years the work I do is much quicker than any thing else out there as I use NLP and Hypnosis combined in a unique format to curb your alcohol intake.

Binge drinking or habitual drinking is one of the most common problems I help people with. I use a combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy to both teach the person to be able to get out of the automated loops of thinking that give rise to the behaviour.

I  also re pattern the response at a deeper level and to regain / rebuild confidence with the strategy to be able to have just the right amount of alcohol and no more so you regain the control and leave the binge drinking in the past where it belongs.

Binge Drinking help when and where?

Client hours are usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and I am based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands B75 6EA.

To book a session to help you to stop binge drinking you can email on or call me on 0121 241 0728  office hours

Please leave a message if I am with a client and I will get back to you.

Best Wishes

Debbie Williams


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