PTSD Treatment with NLP

For many years the use of NLP Trauma therapy has been proven to be highly effective for PTSD as well as other serious fears and phobias.

In fact many do not realise that a research article on its success was first reported in the BMA.

NLP helps Lockerbie victims

Following the dreadful tragedy of the  Lockerbie Air crash many who suffered were helped using this particular NLP protocol. It was so successful that many only needed one session, others up to 3 but considerably shorter than the years of ‘talking’ or psychological therapy.

Doctor David Muss

Doctor David Muss did a pilot study on the NLP method and went on to present his findings to the BMA.

After working with members of the British West Midlands Police Force who were witness to major incidents including the Lockerbie event he found that all those who participated in NLP therapy became  completely free of their intrusive and negative memories and all other PTSD symptoms.

Again it took at most just three sessions and all remained PTSD free when followed up many years later.

The core NLP techniques as taught today are solid and structured enough to deal with the psychological aftermath of the worst type of  experiences that humankind can face.

Some psychologists and psychiatrists against NLP

Sadly today many psychologists are still  maintaining that NLP does not bring  results. That it takes months or even years of therapy and potentially damaging drug treatment  to cure people of their fears,  phobias and traumas.

These psychologists have never trained in NLP yet are quick to pass judgment on something they have no experience in.

The sort of results produced by NLP trauma therapy are almost unprecedented in the field of psychotherapy.

Some psychologists and psychiatrists are for NLP

However, after the Bosnian war,  some psychologists were taught how to use the NLP Trauma Process by NLP trainers Dr Richard Bolstad and Margot Hamblett.

They had been invited to Sarajevo in 1998 and 1999 to run a two day training course for health professionals coping with PTSD problems.

These psychologists were amazed at the immediate results obtained and the long term success of the process.

Helping Victims and Psychologists too

The NLP processes not only helped members of the community, but the psychiatrists themselves, who needed to be resourceful enough to help others following their own traumatic experiences.

What is truly exciting is that in the event of a catastrophic event where communities or groups can become severely  traumatised anyone with a basic understanding of NLP can be taught how to use these techniques.

NLP can be a fantastic resource for PTSD

To train others when a disaster strikes  easily in the use of NLP trauma techniques  allows more help to free people of PTSD quickly and completely.  This has to recognised and valued as an amazing resource for the world.

Ref. D Muss. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. 1991. A new technique for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.
Muss D – the trauma trap, doubleday, London. 1991

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