Birmingham Cocaine Testimonials

Birmingham Cocaine Treatment Testimonials

15 years of taking coke, I wanted to stop but each weekend I did it again. I couldn’t face sitting in a room with down and outs, surely I can’t be that bad.

I stopped with Birmingham cocaine treatment help centre straight away. I felt great and my sales went up 10 fold.

Call when you are ready to stop 0121 241 0728 or book online here.

Free Now 3 Months From My Cocaine Abuse

Hear another testimonial for Birmingham cocaine treatment with expert Debbie Williams of how she has helped him and what a great holiday he has had over the christmas period. Being able to be present with his kids and generally enjoying life more.

Book a session and be free from cocaines hold now.

What Happens With Birmingham Cocaine Help?

Hear cocaine addictions expert Debbie Williams talking about how she works within a session to help you to break the hold that cocaine has on you.

Many users binge on cocaine once a week and cannot stop. Others do it daily and some still manage to hold down a job. You will feel so much healthier and happier free from a coke addiction. You will be wealthier too.

Cocaine Binges Gone, I’m Free

I used to binge weekends and Wednesdays. I’d feel so crap the day after. I have so much energy now. Ive had a haircut and smartened myself up. Luckily I have a good job and supportive employers. I’ve cleared my debts with the money I’m saving not using.

Best money I’ve ever spent coming to see you. You are right. Cocaine puts a heavy cloud over you and its now gone.

Most Skeptical Client; I Don’t Do Cocaine Now Thank You

Hear from a most skeptical client who didn’t believe that Birmingham cocaine expert therapist could help.

See more testimonials here for overcoming cocaine abuse.

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Going Into Hypnosis – How Does It Feel ?

Debbie Williams

Birmingham Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams

How Should I feel going Into Trance?

Going into a trance is something you have done many times already in your life.

At school did you ever stare out of the window for what seemed like a long time but also no time at all?

Then as when the school bell rang, you were back in the room gathering your books together?

You Were In A Trance.

Have you ever travelled somewhere in a car and arrived but forgot the actual journey?     Yet if someone stepped into your path you would instantly put your foot on the brake.

You Were In A Trance.

Ever daydreamed or lost yourself in a good book?

If you were to remember a particularly relaxing holiday it can take you into trance.

With your eyes closed if you can see or sense in your minds eye what you saw, hear what you heard as you imagine all over again what it was like on that holiday, perhaps by the pool or beach or walking in nature, you will re-elicit those feelings of relaxation.

 How Will I Feel?

The feelings you may experience during trance are similar to dozing of to sleep.

The suggestions given by the hypnotist can aid muscle relaxation, elicit the relaxation response as you take deeper, longer breaths, it will naturally change the heart rate, increase oxygen consumption, skin temperature changes and blood flow.

People say coming out of a hypnotic trance that it is similar to how they feel after a massage and some say it is similar to the heightened feelings experienced by taking certain recreational drugs!

Each persons experience will be unique to them. If you have meditated, then you will notice the similarities.

You will feel like you hear everything being said and as your eyes are closed you have more awareness of your breathing.

Occasional involuntary movements like fluttering of eyelids or twitching and even mild jerking movements occur as the sympathetic nervous system associated with conscious activity gives way to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over.

What about the depth of trance?

The more you listen to hypnosis, the more deeply you will find yourself going. The first time can be a bit strange and you may not allow yourself to fully let go, as you want to hear what the hypnotist is saying.

This is how it should be. Trust is built up over time. If I see clients over a 3-session period, then the third session they report “Gosh I went really deep then” this is because positive changes have already happened and the trust is built.

You don’t need to go deep for hypnosis to benefit you. After a time of relaxation suggestions follows ones to help you to reach your goals. Your mind begins to realise this is important to you and will help you to achieve what you’ve set your sights on.

I don’t think I can go into hypnosis…

Sometimes overly analytical thinkers don’t go into trance first time as they are so busy talking to themselves usually in a fast paced voice commenting, “ I don’t feel any different, this is not working, I’m obviously un-hypnotizable”

In my Birmingham clinic I often give this type of client a hypnosis recording to listen to with the instructions to listen to it everyday for a week with their eyes open.

What happens by the end of the week, the person has heard every word on the recording and fully understands I’m not suggesting they cluck like a chicken or any other unacceptable suggestions.

They allow themselves to close their eyes and often drop into a deep trance as their unconscious takes over as it’s drawn to the beneficial suggestions and has been patiently waiting for the conscious mind to shut up and let go.

Click the link Free Hypnosis Recording to get your free “Stop worrying and create a wonderful life” hypnosis download so that you can experience the positive benefits of hypnosis for yourself.

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What Causes Cocaine Addiction?

What Causes A Cocaine Addiction?

Is it because there are chemical hooks within the cocaine that get us? I think there is a lot more to it than that.

The belief about chemical hooks may have originated from experiments done on rats in the early part of the 20th century. In cages, rats were given access to 2 water sources, one laced with heroin or cocaine and the other just water.

In all cases rats would prefer the drug water and would often, quickly get to the stage of overdosing and killing themselves. This has led to the belief of substances becoming highly addictive.

But later experiments show if you change a few things then the results alter dramatically. 

No Chemical Hooks Here; Rat Experiment Part Two

Canadian Professor of psychology Bruce Alexander carried out some interesting experiments with rats. He re visited the data on earlier experiments and realised that they were in an empty cage with nothing to do except explore the drug water which had some interesting pleasurable effects.

He did a new experiment, which he called Rat Park where there was lots to do, from nice food, toys to play with and environments to explore and lots of other rats to socialise and mate with.

They also had two water bottles as previously but most didn’t like the drug water and chose to partake in other more interesting things. Those that did use it didn’t use it compulsively or to the point of overdose.

Compare that to nearly 100% overdose rate when they are isolated with no friends, nothing to do, bored, lonely perhaps frustrated etc. etc.

We Develop Habitual Routines

If all your friends are doing cocaine then peer pressure can take hold, after all they look like they are enjoying it, what’s the harm, you ask yourself, then you go ahead and start using coke now and then and then maybe regularly at weekends.

This pattern becomes laid down in our neurology just like Pavlov’s dogs, where Pavlov would ring a bell whilst giving the dogs meat and they would salivate, as they knew food was coming. Now all he needed to do was ring a bell and a conditioned response of salivation occurred.

Plus, innately we all want to belong; so being part of the ‘gang’ feels safe, as we are one of them.

Is It Just A Habit Then?

Doing this regularly our brain learns to link the good feelings to the cocaine, so anytime we feel down, bored, end of the week I need a reward feeling and a host of other reasons, it triggers the desire for cocaine.

When we try to stop our brain says “No’ you like this, I want you to carry on getting this as it’s enjoyable. The problem is that the brain is only focusing on the good part initially and it doesn’t run the movie of how it will feel over time.

This Will Break The Hold Cocaine Has Over You

Connecting the dots at a conscious and unconscious level of how it feels overtime will help you make the decision to stop for good.

I use a specific strategy developed over the last 20 years to make this happen easily for the cocaine addict to break free.

We Don’t Plan To Fail…

We often fail to plan….

One client realised that when he planned to out for a meal mid week with his family, he no longer had the Wednesday craving.

Another client said the weekends he had his daughter he wouldn’t go out Friday night, choosing instead to get a few beers in so that he would be fine the next day ready for her visit.

Working together we come up with alternative things to do on those times where cocaine used to take over.

If you want help to stop please call us now 0121 241 0728 or go online to pay your £50 deposit to book a stop cocaine addiction session here. 

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What Is Your Cocaine Cut With ?

What is your cocaine cut with?

Do you ever stop to think what has your trustworthy cocaine dealer added to your coke before you put it up your nose? Does he really care about you and your health.

Do you care about your health? Read on and find out more what your recreational drug of choice contains within it.

Welcome to Levamisole.

A study has shown that nearly two-thirds of street cocaine has been cut with levamisole.

This is a substance, which has been linked to bladder cancer and is used by farmers to purge their animals of parasitic worms.

Rotting Skin

Used in sufficient amounts it can rot the skin, causing ulcerating skin lesions.  Ever coughed up blood or had chunks of flesh drop out from your nose?

Some unfortunate users have had parts of their faces rot, it’s not pretty. See images from the Birmingham Evening Mail it also states that users often feel like they have HIV they feel so bad.

Party Time

A millionaire client sent his son for help to stop abusing cocaine. The son didn’t want to stop permanently, but just long enough so that he could go into private hospital and have his nose re-built from the inside.

Then he wanted to carry on with his Ibiza lifestyle.

What is your cocaine doing do you? Is it really worth it?

Are you wasting your life with regular cocaine binges and then days when you are trying to recover from the come down?

Good hypnosis and NLP can give you a real buzz, unbelievable confidence, self empowerment and no negative side effects at all.

Debbie Williams has helped 1000′s overcome their addictions over the last 22 years. Bookmark this page so that when you are ready, we can help.

Other Tests

Other tests have shown that most users may get away from levamisole negative effects. But how do you know if its not damaging you already from the inside as long term studies have not been done?

Studies do show that it causes a drop in white blood cells, which can leave you open to severe infections. These will kill 10% of patients according to Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute Dr Noah Craft.

Do you feel good the next day after a cocaine binge?

Or do you think your body trying to tell you something?

Meet Phenacetin

Cocaine is also most commonly cut with phenacetin, which has been banned in the US since 1983 because of links to bladder cancer and kidney damage. It originally was prescribed as a painkiller.

UK Festival Testing

Drug Testing at UK Festivals found ground up cement along with anti-malarial pills mixed in with cocaine as well as other substances.

All cutting agents are used to dilute cocaine doses so they can make more money as well as adding an extra cheap kick.

Treatment For Cocaine Abuse

Want help to stop abusing cocaine? Read more how we can help with cocaine addictions at our clinic in Birmingham. We use NLP and hypnosis in a unique way that will set you free and make you feel good about your decision too.

Or call 0121 241 0728

See our price list and book your double breakthrough session here to overcome your cocaine habit.

Self Help Hypnosis & NLP

You can work on overcoming your cocaine addiction at home with our NLP and hypnosis self help recording “Stop Cocaine Abuse”

Just Some Of The Many Testimonials From Clients

Another One Free From Cocaine

My Sales Went Up 10 Fold Now I’m Free From Coke

More Testimonies For Birmingham Cocaine Addictions Expert

Call us 0121 241 0728 if you are ready to stop and want quick, effective help to turn your life around.

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NLP & Hypnosis For Golf

The Mental Game Of Golf

It’s been said that the mind has as much impact on the game of golf as does actual technique. Birmingham based NLP Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams thinks it has more impact than any technique .

She has developed ways to fast track any performance quickly and efficiently and has helped 100′s of sports people over the years, including many olympic athletes.

She is the therapist that Paul McKenna rates, having worked with him for over 20 years. Paul has sent many clients to her in that time.

Birmingham NLP Golfing Expert Talks About NLP For Golf

Do You Over Think Your Golf?

Your golf may be improving and then you hit a wall. You begin over thinking every shot. Your coach tells you just focus on one target at a time but you see the tree, the bird flying, some movement over there.

You start talking to yourself ” Come on, focus” but you see in your minds eye a movie of the ball going completely in the wrong direction, your palms are sweating, eyes are on you, the pressure is building and so you do a really naff shot.

Now you can’t get that out of your head. Your friends are improving but you are getting worse. “Lighten up and relax” someone says. But how the heck do you do that?


You need an experienced mind coach who can help you to train the muscle between your ears to shut the flip up, oh and wouldn’t it be great to have help to accelerate your learning and improve your game exponentially.

NLP & Hypnosis For Golf

Debbie has used NLP & hypnosis for golf professionals, amateurs and those who just want to improve their game. Some do so well they end up taking their golf to great levels.

Some just want to find their enjoyment again for the game as they’ve become to critical of themselves whilst playing that any fun goes.

If you want some help with you golf the you can book a slot to come and see Debbie Williams. She is based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands at her purpose built NLP & Hypnosis Practice.

Book Now; Get Started Improving Your Golfing Mindset

Contact Debbie right now and what she can do to help you. 0121 241 0728

See the costs of a session of NLP & hypnosis for golf here.

Ideally if you can stretch to a double breakthrough session you will leave feeling more confident. “Walking on air” one client said and have some strategies you can use and know your game will improve.


You will also have a specific hypnosis trance recorded on your iphone/mobile to keep you on track.

Or you can just book for a single session and discuss your requirements of how Debbie can help you with the mental game of golf.

What Paul McKenna Thinks Of Debbie Williams

” Debbie Williams is a skilled and effective NLP Trainer & Hypnotherapist” -

Paul McKenna

Free Short Hypnosis Trance To Improve Your Golf

Read more about Debbie Williams work with sports people here.

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Cocaine Help Birmingham Clinic

Cocaine Help Birmingham Clinic

Help to come of cocaine is available at the Birmingham Cocaine Addictions Clinic. It is a private clinic which gets permenant results fast.

Prices For Cocaine Help

Prices start from as little as £19 for a self hypnosis download “Stop Cocaine Abuse” that you can use in the comfort of your own home to £297 for a double breakthrough session.

To book your first session Call 0121 241 0728 on go online here to pay for a stop cocaine abuse session. You will see over 25 video testimonials from people that have been helped.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do a testimonial. 99% would NOT want to be on video.

Birmingham Cocaine Addictions Clinic

Hear Birmingham Cocaine Addictions Clinic owner Debbie Williams talking about what to expect from the clinic how you will need 3 sessions to ensure that you stop for good.

This Chap Stopped After His First Session

It’s affordable and it works. Hear this chap talk about his experience at the clinic. Hear how cocaine actually took his confidence away. Since he stopped he is having much better luck with attracting girls.

Testimonial for the Birmingham Cocaine Help Clinic

And Nick a former cocaine addiction client talks about how different he feels now he is free. He has since gone on to buy his first house with savings he used to blow on coke.

It Can Be Fun To Stop Abusing Coke

Another testimonial for Birmingham Cocaine Help Clinic

Another Client Who Has Stopped

Listen to Wayne talking about going to a rave and didn’t take any and how he felt when he saw his mates taking it.

Preparation To Stop Abusing Cocaine

More in this video about the cocaine addiction clinic and how you can start to prepare your mind to get ready to stop abusing drugs.

Get Debbie’s Help

If you can travel to Birmingham then Debbie can help you.

Clients have come from all over the country to get help from Debbie’s unique successful system developed over the last 20 years of clinical practice.

They’ve come from London, Kent, Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Preston, Bolton, and have flown in from other countries.

Extra Help To Stop Taking Coke On A Night Out

Experience this free hypnosis trance to help you.

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Sutton Coldfield Hypnotherapist

Sutton Coldfield Hypnotherapist

”Debbie Williams is a Skilled and Effective NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist”

Paul McKenna

Sutton Coldfield hypnotherapist Debbie Williams regularly assists Paul McKenna in London on his NLP and hypnosis courses. Having known him since 1995, Paul has referred many clients to the Sutton hypnotist over the years.

What Happens In A Hypnotherapy Session

The video above Sutton Coldfield hypnotherapist Debbie Williams talks about what is likely to happen within a hypnosis and NLP session at her West Midlands Clinic.

Debbie can help you with a vast range of issues. From weight loss to addictions, to anxieties and OCD along with eating disorders, life coaching and much much more.

You can see over 20 video testimonials from actual clients talking about how they overcame their issues on her ‘Book a session” page here

Hypnosis for getting to sleep

Many times clients have problems with sleep. This can have a knock on effect in all areas of their life. This short video may help you to understand how you may be programming your own mind to have insomnia and keeping yourself awake.

You can learn a simple strategy to change how you think and get a good nights sleep. Especially if you use the other free hypnosis recordings Debbie offers on this page.

Try a full length hypnosis recording for FREE

You can get Sutton Coldfield hypnotherapists full length free hypnosis recording ‘Stop worrying and create a wonderful life” and experience some hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. See the short version in the video below.

Get your own full length hypnosis now here.

Please check out the youtube channel ”Debbie Williams NLP” as there are lots of helpful videos covering all kinds of issues.

How do I listen to hypnosis?

How do I listen to hypnosis? is a question asked so often that Debbie recorded a video to answer the question for those that want to know.

More free hypnosis

More free hypnosis from the Sutton Coldfield hypnotist. Watch this short “Wake up feeling positive hypnosis trance” The more often you watch it the more effective it will be in helping you to feel more positive.

If you’d like to come to Debbie’s Sutton Coldfield Hypnotherapy Clinic You can book a session here

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Fear of swallowing food

Fear of swallowing food

A fear of swallowing food can happen after a choking episode or as in the video you can hear one of Birmingham therapist’s clients talk about how she had a throat infection.

This caused difficulty to eat and her appetite went completely.

When she tried to eat, she was so conscious of how food felt inside her mouth and in her throat. It felt like it couldn’t go down easily and she worried about choking on solid food.

In fact she hadn’t eaten solid food for 10 months and had every test that the medical profession could do to check for any treatable causes.

Help to eat solid food

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has helped 100′s over the years to learn to eat solid food comfortably again.

As you can hear her client talk in the video above about how Debbie has been able to help her to overcome her fear of swallowing food and get her life back after struggling with this issue for many months.

Most clients wouldn’t consider being on video as they just want it sorted and don’t want anyone to know.

Each client has slightly different issues around their fear of swallowing foods.

If you want help from Debbie to overcome your phobia then you can see Debbie’s prices here along with over 20 other videos from clients with various issues.

One episode of choking has stopped you eating

Other clients have had one episode of choking which is a very frightening experience and now you just cannot get the food to go down (or even in your month in the first place).

You are super sensitive to how it feels inside your throat and focus on that to the exclusion of other bodily sensations.

Maybe you are now obsessed with the fear of dying and just cannot eat.

Help with hypnosis in Birmingham

If you (or someone you know) is stuck in a pattern of being unable to swallow solid food then get in touch and take the first step to overcoming your phobia of swallowing.

Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist uses a strategy she has developed over the years to help you gain your confidence for eating solid food enjoyably again.

How long does it take ?

Normally 2-3 sessions spread over a 2-3 month time period (80% time) 20% need a couple more sessions to fully overcome this.

On the third session Debbie often records a specific hypnosis recording for you to listen to to carry on with your positive progress into the future.

You can book a session with Birmingham hypnotherapist here 

More food phobias videos with Birmingham hypnotherapist talking with information

about food phobias are on this page of Debbie’s website

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Binge Drinking Once A Week Help To Stop


Binge Drinking Once A Week

  • Has your drinking spun out of control over the festive period
  •  Do you drink excessively having regular binges?
  • Finding it hard to stop drinking once you have started?
  • Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams helps with all forms of binge drinking, whatever the ‘reason’ for the drinking problem

Why Do I Binge Drink?

You may well know the answer to this one already. For some it is peer pressure, for others it is social anxiety or even to have the confidence to fit in with those around you.
The one thing that everyone who indulges in binging on alcohol has in common is that they have made a habit out of drinking too much and too often.

This habit can be overcome even if your habit is to drink hardly any alcohol generally and then once every two of three months going on a 1-3 day bender.

But I only binge drink once a week

But I only binge drink once a week. If you are reading this you may be realising that it is becoming a problem for you.

Many clients of Birmingham hypnotherapist come after trying to stop and they can’t. Some drink so much they black out and don’t remember anything the next day.

Binge drinking has many forms

Whatever your pattern, the good news is that Debbie Williams can help you either personally at the Birmingham Clinic or you can download her self hypnosis and NLP recordings which if listened to regularly are guaranteed to help you.

Birmingham Hypnotherapy Clinic

Contact Debbie now call her on 0121 241 0728

Stop Binge Drinking Hypnosis & NLP Recordings By Debbie Williams

Based upon years of successful clinical practice, ‘Stop Binge Drinking’ is designed to help you be in control of your drinking habits, every time you go out.

Plan for a successful night out being in control

You will love the feeling of knowing it is going to be OK ahead of time, you can stop being scared you will binge drink, you can stop ‘trying’ to control yourself, you can simply go out and enjoy yourself with self confidence.

The stop binge drinking recordings are designed to be the complete solution to help you to stop binge drinking.

This multi track programme has a wonderful NLP style planning exercise that often sorts the problem in and of itself, in addition to a full length self hypnosis track.

Find out more about Birmingham hypnotherapist help to stop binge drinking 

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Help to stop telling lies

Help To Stop Telling Lies

There is help available to stop you from telling lies. If you tell lies and want to stop we can help you.
It’s a vicious cycle as when you tell them they build upon themselves. You get caught up in a web of deceit and ever more lies to cover your back.
You may not even know why you do it let alone understand the compulsion to lie.
Its all so very self destructive.

Birmingham Therapist Can Help

Birmingham therapist Debbie Williams can help you to break the cycle of lying with her unique programme.
Within one session you will feel lighter and know you can overcome this addiction to telling lies.

Lying Destroys Relationships

Maybe you’ve lost relationships in the past because of your lying.
Whether its someone who you really loved who felt they just couldn’t trust you and it’s broke your heart or whether you’ve lost friends because they think you are untrustworthy and let them down.
Perhaps in the past you’ve been promiscuous as it has fed your low self esteem and now you’ve met someone and they’ve discovered your reputation and don’t believe you.
That coupled with your stupid lies that don’t make any sense to you ( or them) is building a barrier between you killing the love.
You can get help to stop lying with Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Clinic and Debbie Williams help. 2-3 sessions and you will be free from the lies.
Contact us now to start working on overcoming your lying Book a session at Birmingham NLP 

Self Help To Stop Lying

You can also go down the self help route with Debbie Williams stop lying hypnosis and NLP recording
Please watch the stop lying video to hear how Debbie has changed his life. His relationship is healing and his self esteem is soaring.
This chap was excellent in achieving things in life, a great body from working out at the gym, the car of his dreams and other material possessions but nothing filled the hole of despair that lived inside of him.

Self Esteem Will Soar After Our Help

He feels complete now and at peace with himself and free to follow his heart and able to think on his feet to tell the truth always, unless the question is ”Does my bum look big in this?” the answer is always ”No’
Help to Stop Lies



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