What Is Your Cocaine Cut With ?

What is your cocaine cut with?

Do you ever stop to think what has your trustworthy cocaine dealer added to your coke before you put it up your nose? Does he really care about you and your health.

Do you care about your health? Read on and find out more what your recreational drug of choice contains within it.

Welcome to Levamisole.

A study has shown that nearly two-thirds of street cocaine has been cut with levamisole.

This is a substance, which has been linked to bladder cancer and is used by farmers to purge their animals of parasitic worms.

Rotting Skin

Used in sufficient amounts it can rot the skin, causing ulcerating skin lesions.  Ever coughed up blood or had chunks of flesh drop out from your nose?

Party Time

A millionaire client sent his son for help to stop abusing cocaine. The son didn’t want to stop permanently, but just long enough so that he could go into private hospital and have his nose re-built from the inside.

Then he wanted to carry on with his Ibiza lifestyle.

What is your cocaine doing with your life? Is it really worth it?

Good hypnosis and NLP can give you a real buzz, unbelievable confidence, self empowerment and no negative side effects at all.

Other Tests

Other tests have shown that most users may get away from levamisole negative effects. But how do you know if its not damaging you already from the inside as long term studies have not been done?

Studies do show that it causes a drop in white blood cells, which can leave you open to severe infections. These will kill 10% of patients according to Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute Dr Noah Craft.

Do you feel good the next day after a cocaine binge?

Or do you think your body trying to tell you something?

Meet Phenacetin

Cocaine is also most commonly cut with phenacetin, which has been banned in the US since 1983 because of links to bladder cancer and kidney damage. It originally was prescribed as a painkiller.

UK Festival Testing

Drug Testing at UK Festivals found ground up cement along with anti-malarial pills mixed in with cocaine as well as other substances.

All cutting agents are used to dilute cocaine doses so they can make more money as well as adding an extra cheap kick.

Treatment For Cocaine Abuse

Want help to stop abusing cocaine? Read more how we can help with cocaine addictions at our clinic in Birmingham. We use NLP and hypnosis in a unique way that will set you free and make you feel good about your decision too.

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 Self Help Hypnosis & NLP

You can work on overcoming your cocaine addiction at home with our NLP and hypnosis self help recording “Stop Cocaine Abuse”

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