Going Into Hypnosis – How Does It Feel ?

Debbie Williams

Birmingham Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams

How Should I feel going Into Trance?

Going into a trance is something you have done many times already in your life.

At school did you ever stare out of the window for what seemed like a long time but also no time at all?

Then as when the school bell rang, you were back in the room gathering your books together?

You Were In A Trance.

Have you ever travelled somewhere in a car and arrived but forgot the actual journey?     Yet if someone stepped into your path you would instantly put your foot on the brake.

You Were In A Trance.

Ever daydreamed or lost yourself in a good book?

If you were to remember a particularly relaxing holiday it can take you into trance.

With your eyes closed if you can see or sense in your minds eye what you saw, hear what you heard as you imagine all over again what it was like on that holiday, perhaps by the pool or beach or walking in nature, you will re-elicit those feelings of relaxation.

 How Will I Feel?

The feelings you may experience during trance are similar to dozing of to sleep.

The suggestions given by the hypnotist can aid muscle relaxation, elicit the relaxation response as you take deeper, longer breaths, it will naturally change the heart rate, increase oxygen consumption, skin temperature changes and blood flow.

People say coming out of a hypnotic trance that it is similar to how they feel after a massage and some say it is similar to the heightened feelings experienced by taking certain recreational drugs!

Each persons experience will be unique to them. If you have meditated, then you will notice the similarities.

You will feel like you hear everything being said and as your eyes are closed you have more awareness of your breathing.

Occasional involuntary movements like fluttering of eyelids or twitching and even mild jerking movements occur as the sympathetic nervous system associated with conscious activity gives way to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over.

What about the depth of trance?

The more you listen to hypnosis, the more deeply you will find yourself going. The first time can be a bit strange and you may not allow yourself to fully let go, as you want to hear what the hypnotist is saying.

This is how it should be. Trust is built up over time. If I see clients over a 3-session period, then the third session they report “Gosh I went really deep then” this is because positive changes have already happened and the trust is built.

You don’t need to go deep for hypnosis to benefit you. After a time of relaxation suggestions follows ones to help you to reach your goals. Your mind begins to realise this is important to you and will help you to achieve what you’ve set your sights on.

I don’t think I can go into hypnosis…

Sometimes overly analytical thinkers don’t go into trance first time as they are so busy talking to themselves usually in a fast paced voice commenting, “ I don’t feel any different, this is not working, I’m obviously un-hypnotizable”

In my Birmingham clinic I often give this type of client a hypnosis recording to listen to with the instructions to listen to it everyday for a week with their eyes open.

What happens by the end of the week, the person has heard every word on the recording and fully understands I’m not suggesting they cluck like a chicken or any other unacceptable suggestions.

They allow themselves to close their eyes and often drop into a deep trance as their unconscious takes over as it’s drawn to the beneficial suggestions and has been patiently waiting for the conscious mind to shut up and let go.

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