Cocaine Addiction, Mastery of Mind

Mastering emotions to free coke addiction

An addiction is said to be an unhealthy dependence on a substance such as alcohol or drugs such as cocaine although people miss the fact that our thoughts also can become addictive. Negative thinking can be as addictive as any drug and can pull us down. 

Mastering our thoughts and emotions can set us free from our addictions whether its to cocaine, gambling, eating certain foods, exercise, using the internet and even shopping.

 The addiction has some degree of pleasure attached to it, for example many cocaine addicts start out using their drug because it makes them feel good.

Cocaine stops negative moods and thoughts

Its an easy way to change their state or mind and silence negative thoughts and it works in the beginning and can be a great confidence boost but that doesn’t last, then after a while many find that cocaine begins to control them.

They even wonder why they are doing it still yet at times the urges come to partake in abusing coke to feel better; and generally the are then on a role to take more of the same the get that feel good feeling.

People think of drug addicts as hopeless, unhappy people whose lives are falling apart whilst for years many cocaine addicts do not believe they have a problem as long as they are enjoying themselves and keeping their lives together.

 Coke for business?

Many have used it to help with energy and motivation to get their business up and running as it the short term it’s effects seem to have no negative side effects .

Its when they try to stop taking coke they realise the hold it has over them and many times they contact Debbie Williams at the Birmingham and Midlands Cocaine Help Centre 

Call 0121 241 0728 to get help to stop abusing cocaine and be free of its addictive hold.

Cocaine addicts

Many cocaine addicts start to recognise the harm their coke addiction is doing to them physically and mentally. Whilst others deny the negative aspects and ignore the effects on their health and relationships until a partner or a boss issues an ultimatum.

A challenge that many cocaine addiction experts find, is when those close to the coke addict ask for assistance for a loved one but the actual addict does not want to let go of their addiction.

You can watch actual video testimonials of clients who have overcome their addiction to cocaine from the Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Help Centre here

And even get started with the self help programme ”Stop Abusing Coke ” from £19 here 

Testimonials from former cocaine addicts

See even more testimonials for overcoming cocaine addiction on this page and on our brand new website

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Birmingham NLP Practice Group

Birmingham NLP Practice Group

The map is not the territory

A ‘map’ is never the place itself as it would need to be the same size. It can only ever be a representation of a place.

NLP uses the idea of the map to show how we can only ever view through our own lens our  representations of the world, or rather re-presentations and not the actual world itself.

Our differing internal worlds

Although we all live in the same world, we all have our own unique view and perception of it. Even twins will have different internal maps, as although they share the same genes and upbringing, their filters and experiences will be different.

Two people witnessing the same event will encode things differently as viewed from different angles their interpretation will not be the same.

Whether we know it or not, every thing that happens in our lives has the power to  impact on the future , through moulding our future beliefs, our behaviours, and the decisions we make.

How our maps are formed

Every day our experiences shape the boundaries and territories of our maps, from a young age we learn that there are really only so many ways to open a door.

Handles go up, down, turn ect and once learned it gets stored in the unconscious mind so that we don’t have to re-learn each time we come to a new door. Beliefs about all sorts of things also get laid down as if they are facts and every day we live within those boundaries and territories.

NLP helps us with the understanding that we all see a different version of the world as if we are wearing blinkers which guide our focus to stay in alignment with our beliefs.

NLP can help us to learn about our own maps as well as others and helps us to ‘upgrade’ them if necessary.

If you wanted to learn more about NLP, why not come to the Birmingham NLP Practice Group held in Sutton Coldfield once a month. Find out more…

Read more about experienced Birmingham NLP Trainer Debbie Williams 





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Happiness How To Be Happy

How to be happy

If you want to be happy then there are strategies to become more happier says Birmingham based hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer Debbie Williams

“People with high happiness set-points are human just like the rest of us. They don’t have special powers, an extra heart or X-ray vision. They just have different habits.”- Marci Shimoff, ‘Happy for No Reason, 7 steps to being happy from the inside out.’

Simple happiness strategy number 1

Fitting five minutes into our daily lives to think about what is going well is a simple habit that can make a huge difference to our well-being.

American psychologists Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough conducted a research study which supported this statement.

 Gratitude study

They asked one group of participants to keep a journal of things that they were grateful for, while other groups were asked to write about neutral subjects or their daily hassles.

Ten weeks later, those who kept a journal of positive things tended to: exercise more, report fewer physical problems, show more optimism towards the upcoming week, and generally feel better about their lives.

Furthermore, they were more likely to offer emotional support or practical help to someone in need, while also being more enthusiastic, determined and energetic in achieving their own significant goals.


The findings of this research study aren’t surprising: taking time to appreciate one’s fortunes is the complete opposite of replaying negative thoughts, which puts one at a greater risk of depression. Thus this research reminds us of the importance of not only decreasing negative thoughts, but also increasing the positive.

 How can I be happier?

So to achieve a happier healthier mind, at any point in the day where I have five spare minutes, I could sit down and look back over the day, remembering positive things that occurred as I do so.

For example, when my son ( Debbie Williams) was so proud to be praised for using his knife and fork he exclaimed “Forky! Forky! Forky!” which made me laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

 Focus on the positives

By focusing on positive events, you can experience the happiness associated with it, and feeling happier gives you a greater chance of being productive and willing to challenges. This is a straightforward exercise that can be done at any point during the day, and can instantly improve your mood.

 NLP the owners manual for your mind ?

Take control of your mind, emphasise the positives and you will have a happier, healthier mind. If you want some extra help or to find out about NLP then;

You can download a free stop worrying NLP hypnosis download from Debbie Williams  you will receive free monthly life coaching emails helping you to stay on track with your goals.





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Fear of Eating

Fear of Eating

Fear of eating or trying new foods is quite a common problem. It can range from a vegetarian choosing not to eat animal products to full blown restricted diets.

Clients of Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist have had diets where only ”white food” i.e. bread, pasta white meat ( chicken) and potatoes are only eaten.  One client lived on just chips and crisps.

Children’s Fear of Eating

Most food phobias and fear of eating can be traced back to childhood. Its a time when the child is learning to assert themselves, hold their ground and to stubbornly demand things.

One adult client remembered being able to say no to all fruits and vegetables at aged 4 or 5  His parents were going through a divorce and through our sessions, looking back he realised his mother allowed him to get away with it as she felt pain and guilt that her child no longer had his father at home.

Childhood Decisions

He remembers being angry towards his mother for letting daddy leave and would have massive tantrums and feign being sick when trying to eat ”her food” and unfortunately growing up that fear became a reality.

Working with children who have food phobia’s

Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist prefers to work with the parents first to empower them with strategies to help their child.

The video below may help. If you need any more help get in touch. More videos about food phobias and fear of eating on Debbie Williams’s website 

Food phobics and those who have a fear of eating new food usually end up having some of Birmingham NLP hypnotherapists self help programmes below.

Also those who have children with a fear of food can benefit from the parents listening to the recordings as it empowers them to have the confidence to set up some structures involving rewards for putting minuscule amounts in their mouths and not even having to chew.

Animal trainer Karen Prior who wrote ”Don’t shoot the dog” realised you could only use the carrot with training dolphins as the stick made them swim away.

She would give them jackpots of fish to gain their trust and curiosity and then gradually reduce rewards so that they would have to do 2 or 3 repetitions of a behaviour before they got the fish.

This in dispersed with the odd jackpot got the dolphins behaving like a gambling addicts as they kept coming back to try their luck.

We can model some of this for children by waiting until they want something and telling them they can have it if they put the ‘said’ item of food in their mouth for 1 minute ( small as a quarter of a pea) and they don’t even have to chew.

At first it is a slow process but it does build up momentum over a few months and its time well spent as its them making decisions. To book a session with Debbie in Birmingham or over Skype call 0121 241 0728 or visit 

More articles about helping overcome  fear of foods  and food phobia

fear of eating new foods

Fear of food

HealInnerChild ultimateconfidence

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NLP in Birmingham

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 15.15.02 Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 15.14.47 NLP in Birmingham

Are you from Birmingham and wanting to find out about NLP ?

Looking for someone highly skilled in Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Birmingham Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer Debbie Williams is probably the most qualified NLP person you will find in the West Midlands.

Here is Debbie with Richard and Paul and them training. Debbie was asked to take some photos for Paul of the two of them on stage.

Photos are not normally allowed during trainings without permission.

Dr Richard Bandler Co-Founder Of NLP

Birmingham Life Coach Debbie Williams

Birmingham Life Coach

Having assisted Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna on well over 50 full NLP Practitioner and master practitioner since 1995 as well as being a trainer for them on the NLP Trainers’ Training courses.

And before that having read 100′s of self help books and attending the UPW weekend with Tony Robbins when he first came to Birmingham in 1993.

Debbie went on to assist Tony Robbins for 10 years too on all the UK UPW events.

Paul McKenna Quote For Birmingham NLP Trainer

”Debbie is a skilled and effective NLP trainer and hypnotherapist with an amazing sense of humour and great compassion”  Paul McKenna 

NLP Practice Group

Debbie runs the Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis practice group which meets monthly for a full day of NLP and hypnosis practice. Call 0121 241 0728 or visit the website NLP in Birmingham 

Open To All NLP Trained Or Not

Whether you are an NLP practitioner, master practitioner, trainer or hypnotherapist or have no actual training in NLP or hypnosis at all, you will be made welcome.

Debbie has the skill to make the complex simple and to add layers to techniques to challenge even the most experienced NLPers.

The days are always on a Saturday and are 10am for a 1030am start through to 430pm which means if you are from further afield it is still very do-able to come to the NLP days.

In fact people have travelled from London, Manchester, Northampton, Stevenage, Leeds …

Alison Came To The NLP Practice Day From Leeds

And Mike From Manchester

If you wanted to try some NLP and hypnosis for free you can get Birmingham NLP Trainer’s Free Life Coaching and free hypnosis download from here. its called ”Stop worrying and create a wonderful life” by Debbie Williams 

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Fertility Treatment Hypnosis

Fertility Treatment Hypnosis

The free fertility hypnosis by Birmingham hypnotherapist and fertility expert Debbie Williams on the video below can help remove any mental blockages in your unconscious mind that may be preventing you from conceiving naturally.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has helped many client over the year to remove any blockages within their mind that they may not even been aware of that has prevented them from becoming pregnant.

Fear of childbirth and all the responsibility that it entails can sometimes be held within the mind as an unconscious fear which is why hypnosis is excellent for uncovering and resolving fears and issues held deep within the mind.

Everything working together for the same outcome is the focus of any sessions at the Birmingham hypnotherapy clinic for fertility treatment hypnosis.

If you want personal help with hypnosis for fertility treatment then call us on 0121 241 0728 or visit Debbie Williams website to book your session.

In the same way a person may have a commitment phobia yet wants to settle down there is a push pull going on behind the scenes so to speak.

Free Fertility Hypnosis Video

The free fertility treatment hypnosis video above can help to break down barriers to conceiving naturally. Listen to it often as it will help you to learn how to relax and let go of some stresses of daily life. This is your time to invest in you. It will pay of dividends in how you feel and you can’t overdose on it.

Just don’t listen when driving !

More Free Hypnosis

Visit my website and get another free hypnosis trance ”Stop worrying and create a wonderful life”  which is longer than the video and whilst its not focusing on pregnancy it will help with your worries around wanting to get pregnant.

If you want some help one to one call us on 0121 241 0728 also have a look at the hypnosis and NLP programme which you can buy as a CD or a download “Overcome the fear of childbirth”  which will also get you into the ‘right ‘ state of mind to conceive naturally.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 15.30.04

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Rehab for Cocaine Addiction

Rehab for Cocaine Addiction

Many go into rehab for cocaine addiction to overcome their habit to coke believing it is the only option available for them. There is an alternative which can be quicker, cheaper and many times more effective than rehab in Birmingham West Midlands.

Call 0121 241 0728 to find out more …or watch below videos from former coke addicts

Most rehabs for cocaine addiction have three main phases they go through to help get you of cocaine. This can take quite a long time and be expensive and not always effective.

Alternative to rehab for cocaine addiction

Luckily there is an alternative which helps with cravings and can virtually eliminate withdrawal symptoms as well as making it easier to stop and never go back to cocaine.

Birmingham based addictions expert Debbie Williams who is also a hypnotherapist and NLP trainer has developed a unique way to quickly get people of cocaine, releasing desires for it and ensuring you never want to go back to taking it.

Lets Compare Rehab to Cocaine Addictions Expert’s Way

Cocaine Rehab Treatment Version Phase One;

Doing a detox and going through unpleasant withdrawal symptoms of potentially an almost immediate “crash” followed by an overwhelming desire and cravings for more cocaine. Other symptoms can be anxiety, depression, extreme tiredness, nightmares and paranoia.

Birmingham NLP and Hypnotherapy Version Phase One;

Session for 2 hours at Birmingham clinic where you leave feeling on top of the world . You will come in with a measure of how much a problem coke is to you ( normally on a scale of 1-100 it’s in the 90′s or 100% ) we get it down to under 30 many times to 0. (Hear Kirk talking about that in the video below).

  • We build a belief at the unconscious level that you can succeed.
  • We install a mastermind group to help get that. ” craving voice’ out of your head before it can hurt you. ( Hear Nick talk about that in his video below ) 
  • This mastermind group is unique to you, many clients have people like Richard Branson and the dragons from dragons den and other benefits for clients are they get very entrepreneurial and start creating a compelling future for themselves.
  • We link the negative end result of what coke does overtime to the thought of it being good. This messes up the desire as we connect the dots of how it feels overtime to the desire of wanting some, this makes it harder for the urge to motivate you to want some as you are able to see, hear and feel the truth that it really isn’t doing it for you anymore. ( Hear Wayne talk about that in his video below )
  • We plant hypnotic suggestions that you will feel fantastic, many times no withdrawal symptoms at all. (Hear Nick saying how great he felt in his video below)
  • We teach you many strategies to deal with urges ( if they come)
  • We plan an easy simple way of adding more alkalising foods to your diet for the next month as coke is an acid addiction and the more we alkalise the less likely you will have any cravings .

Rehab For Cocaine Addiction Phase Two;

Aim to achieve physical and mental stabilisation after coke withdrawal. Their belief is that PAWS ( post acute withdrawal syndrome) like depression can last for months. Prescriptions for anti depressants and anxiety medication may be used.

Birmingham NLP And Hypnotherapy For Cocaine Phase Two;

This session is only one hour
70% clients have not had any cocaine and feel fantastic, no side effects apart from more energy and feeling like a black cloud has lifted and they can see a bright future.
They’ve listened to the self help hypnosis recording regularly and it helps them relax and reduce their stress.
25% clients have tried some coke on more time in between the session and 95% of those get so mad with themselves it fuels the desire to definitely want to stop. It gives them a wake up moment where they really feel the coke is not living up to the hype or the effects of when they first took it.
We reinforce the good work often repeating much of what we did in the first session and of they go for a month.

Cocaine Rehab Treatment Phase Three;

Psychological or psychiatric help to try to deal with past issues that may have driven you to abuse coke, working through incidents of trauma plus help to cope with any lingering withdrawal symptoms.
Psychotherapists may help you also help you identify and avoid triggers for use.
(you may still be taking cocaine by the way having relapsed)

Birmingham Cocaine Abuse Clinic Phase Three;

Session 30-60 minutes to lock in all the positive changes. We’ve already dealt with triggers in session one and two and you feel that coke is something you used to do.
Rather than going to the past to look for deep and hidden meanings for your coke abuse we’ve already made your conscious and unconscious mind see the movie of how it feels overtime so that you just don’t want it at all.

Three sessions are standard and work with approx 80% success rate 15% may need up to 5 or 6 sessions and for 5 % it doesn’t work at all ( usually the ones who are coming to please a partner or their work )

If you are serious about overcoming your cocaine addiction contact us now 0121 241 0728
See also here videos about what we do and below actual clients talking on video about their experience of the Birmingham clinic.

Kirk’s First Session At the Birmingham Addiction Centre

Half Way Through Treatment For Cocaine Abuse For Wayne

Another Client For Birmingham Clinic;  Nick

Birmingham Cocaine Addiction expert Talks About Cocaine Addiction

Call Now 0121 241 0728  or book online your session here

You can purchase a self help recording ‘‘Stop cocaine abuse’‘ by Birmingham addictions expert if you wanted that bit extra help to go it alone

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Beat Cocaine Addiction in Birmingham

Beat your Cocaine Addiction

Call 0121 241 0728 to get the treatment you need to stop taking cocaine.
With hypnosis and NLP you will feel more confidence than coke ever gave you and its cheaper, quicker than re-hab to beat your addiction.
You will be in expert hands with Debbie Williams; Read what her friend Paul McKenna says about her…

Cocaine, no longer just a rich mans habit

Cocaine is suppose to be a rich mans drug and it was for many years.
It has been the drug of  entrepreneurs as it gives them the energy to keep going.
Many clients of Birmingham addictions expert Debbie Williams say it helped them on the way up but now its an irritation they want to get rid of.
There is a push – pull feeling about giving it up as it has helped them .

Feel fantastic without cocaine

Luckily Debbie has been able to harness the good feelings and replicate them through hypnosis so that any benefits can be kept but with no negative side effects.  

The high flying executives and entrepreneurs working in Birmingham and the Midlands have loved the fact they still get to feel really good and have the confident buzz that coke gave them without the negative side effects.
They were easily able to beat cocaine addiction  normally within 2-4 hours worth of treatment at the Birmingham clinic. Call 0121 241 0728 to book or book a session online here;

Hypnosis recording specific to you

Debbie often records a specific hypnosis recording to make their goals happen easier whilst being more fun in all areas of their life. 
Now it is affordable and cheaper to buy that anyone can get their hands on some.
Clients of Debbie Williams often say they can’t avoid it as most of their peer group are regular users of coke.
You never know what it may be mixed with for example with cocaine and bicarbonate of soda you end up with Crack-cocaine, many people get addicted after the very first time as
its renown to be the most addictive drug on earth. 

Instant highs, dreadful lows

The instant high is followed by a dreadful low, so bad that some take heroin to reduce the horrible effects but then get addicted to opiates.
Many fear being caught with coke on their person as it can wreck careers and business.
Being an illegal Class-A drug, even with personal usage it can still land you in trouble with the law.
Do you want to beat your addiction to coke, yet have more confidence, more energy and more money in your pocket then call;

Birmingham Midlands Cocaine Help Centre 0121 241 0728

Cocaine treatment plans start from £145 and you can pay by credit card 
To book a session go here
Self help hypnosis ‘Stop Cocaine Abuse’’ is only £19 and you can listen to it in the comfort of your own home .

Cocaine can damage your heart it also can cause hardening of the arteries and veins
making them brittle. Paranoia is another side effect and brain damage has been documented with long term usage.
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Havening, Hypnosis and NLP.

Havening is a fairly new technique developed by Ronald Ruden which Paul McKenna uses and likes to share with audiences on his courses.

Debbie Williams learned from Paul after watching him the last couple of years, having seen him working with and teaching 1000′s of people this technique.

Havening is a developing field which has borrowed bits from TFT and EMDR

It is continually evolving whilst being backed up by science and tested on how we think our mind’s work, store and release trauma.


Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams  helped both Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler on over 50 NLP and Hypnosis Courses since approx 1995 whilst being a member of the team and being his personal assistant.

Paul has referred many, many clients to Debbie’s Birmingham clinic over the years, including some of his friends.

You can see what he says about the Birmingham NLP trainer here; //

Debbie’s client in the video above was referred to her. She used havening to help Alf’s hands from shaking uncontrollably when he was sent to the Birmingham clinic after his cardio vascular nurse was advised NLP may help him to get over his 60 year phobia of needles and hospitals.

Havening reduces Alf’s fear

Havening really played a big part in helping Alf to reduce his massive phobia of hospitals, doctors, needles and any medical procedures.

Alf’s phobia had been so powerful that he would take his own teeth out with pliers rather than visit a dentist.

Haveneing helped Alf to be calm for his op

Alf had an aneurysm which needed operating on asap as it could burst at any moment.  If that happened and he couldn’t get to hospital within 3 minutes he would die.

So overcoming this 60 year phobia was necessary for the operation to go ahead.

60 year phobia gone

Alfs phobia was installed from childhood when he had to have lumber punctures in his spine and was forcibly held down as any movement may cause tragic results.

That coupled with insensitive and sometimes cruel nurses and doctors who lacked compassion towards him led to this life long phobia of needles.

Havening strategies to help

Birmingham NLP trainer and hypnotherapist Debbie Williams typed out the havening strategy from her notes after watching Paul Mckenna teaching it.

She then cross reverenced it with what he does in his DVD on havening at the back of his gastric band book which he told Debbie had the havening technique on it.

You can buy his book in most UK bookstores or on amazon. If you wanted someone competent in havening if you wished to experience it there are now practitioner trainings in Havening available and practitioners about.

Debbie also studied Ronald Rudens DVDs from trainings on havening and then tested with Alf by doing different versions of havening procedures on him.

She gave Alf’s wife copies of what she had typed out for them to practice every time Alf felt anxious about his operation which they did regularly.

He has had his operation now and is well on the road to recovery.  It has been a real team effort of the wonderful hospital staff who cared for him, his nurse and her team as well as hypnosis, NLP and havening.

Measuring success with havening

With havening (also many NLP that Debbie uses ) you measure the ”issue” on a scale 1-10 with 10 being the top of the scale, you then can see it dropping after each round so you get immediate feedback.

Alf was amazed of how his hands stopped shaking within 3 rounds. It went from 10 to 4 to 2 to 0.

If you are interested in learning more about this you can get Ronald Rudens book on amazon and check out his website here

If you’d like a free hypnosis download for healing then check out my website and see other video testimonials of miraculous recoveries.

Also please subscribe to my youtube channel and watch the many free hypnosis trances and useful videos in NLP and hypnosis for all sorts of issues.

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How to Stop Facial Spasms


How to Stop Facial Spasms 

An Enquiry to Birmingham Hypnotherapist

Hi Debbie,

 I have had this problem since I was a teenager and Im now 30. Whenever I talk to someone, while Im listening to what they are saying, I get severe facial spasms.

My cheeks and side of my mouth keep twitching involuntarily. This has destroyed my life, I used to be a happy person, being social but ever since this started I am afraid to interact with anyone. I am sick of it and to be honest I dont think I want to live my life like this.

I know nothing about hypnosis but I just read that it might help with this, is it true? Thank you for your time.


Reply From Birmingham Hypnotherapist  

Yes I can help you, I often get asked ‘Can hypnosis show me how to stop facial spasms or tics?

My answer is firstly check with your GP to see if there are any treatable causes for this then I answer;

I couldn’t say that we would be able to eliminate the facial spasm or facial tic completely, but I know we will be able to reduce the symptoms and stop it happening so often.

We can also reduce the anxiety so that   when it does go into spasm you are not  so affected or upset by it.

Your spasms have habituated

The facial spasms or tics can become a habit and your brain is expecting it to occur. You think ‘’I hope it doesn’t happen when I meet so and so…  (before an event) Your mind then sees a movie of your face going into spasm and you dread going or find a way to avoid going out completely.
As it now makes you feel bad in advance and this negative spiral reduces your confidence and self esteem and takes any joy out of life.

Hypnosis and NLP can help with spasms

Hypnosis and NLP together will be much more powerful to help reducing the symptoms of facial spasms and tics.
Hypnosis on its own may help or not depending on the experience of the hypnotherapist. It should definitely help with the stress part of the problem.
The NLP  ( I’m a Master Practitioner and Trainer as well as a Hypnotherapist)  is a system of being able to re- programme your mind for solutions and adjusting thinking patterns to be more resourceful. 
it can take the ‘sting’ out of a negative emotion/feeling so that you feel empowered again and care much less if your face does spasm.
That along with everything else we do will stop it happening all the time and allow it to fade out as you move on with your life.

Previous clients with facial spasms/ tics 

This is what has happened with many other clients of mine.
The spasms or facial tics reduce or go completely overtime only coming back in a much lesser degree when they are stressed about something, which becomes a useful message for them to think ‘what do I need to do to deal with this situation” and as they do that if goes away again.
Where you are at the moment is constantly thinking about ‘your problem’  and facial spasms or tics and your brain cannot process negation and by that I mean, try not to think of the colour blue. 

Focusing on what you want

Blue appears there in your mind. This is what you have been doing with the facial spasms. 
ie I hope my face doesn’t go into spasms when i….
And your brain sees what you are focusing on
NLP can stop that and hypnosis can help re-build a better prediction for the future. A bit like when I’ve worked with athletes we focus on the internal movie of them winning with no room for the movie of what they don’t want.
What I do is much more specific, detailed and more powerful than Ive explained here but Ive tried to put it in a way that will make sense to you.

Birmingham hypnotherapy costs 

I charge £145 for a session and it will take 2-3 sessions to really move things forward. (you will feel more positive even after the first session) And the sessions can be spread over 2-3 months if needed.
You can pay online with a credit card if you need to

Free hypnosis for healing

Also please get my free hypnosis healing recording and have a watch of some of the videos of people who have listened to it and the results they have had.

Self help for spasms and facial tics 

If you wanted to go down the self help route then my ‘Ultimate Confidence’ recording will also help with rebuilding your confidence again.
It has many useful tools and NLP exercises which can help with your issue.
You will have to listen to it a lot to get to understand the techniques and then use them
Let me know if you would like to book a session and we can get started in helping with your facial spasms and/or tics. 
I can usually book you in within 7-10 days 
Kind regards
You can pay a deposit here for your session online with a credit card or debit card.
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