How to get slim and stay slim

How To Get Slim and Stay Slim

How to get slim and stay slim represents a huge challenge to an ever increasing amount of people. A recent study used data from 1993 to 2007 to predict levels of obesity by 2020 if the trends continue at current levels. It revealed that a shocking seven in ten women and eight out of ten men will be obese by 2020, in England.

The vast majority of us struggle immensely with dieting. Yet we want the results of  slimmer thighs, calves, slimmer tummy and arms. How to get slim fast and easy is the burning question. We want a magic slimming pill because the constant drag of having to watch what you eat, the measuring and weighing, attending slimming groups, trips to the gym and worst of all, jettisoning those foods you love from your diet, all amount to be a journey no one particularly looks forward too.

They know there will be cravings to deal with, willpower to maintain, new recipes to figure out, foods they’re supposed to eat but don’t really like. The list is endless. For most of us, while a new diet in itself signals a positive change (new healthier foods, smaller portions, healthier choices when eating out, increased self-esteem), the willpower to commit, see it through and then maintain a new healthier eating pattern for the rest of our lives leaves most of us quaking in our boots.

What if I fail?! Sadly, most of us do. The old eating patterns creep back along with the weight we worked so hard to shed. It’s truly sole destroying and no wonder many of us give up even trying after repeated failures.

The shocking thing is, studies have revealed that the dieting failure rate is 90%! The dieting industry is big business and is invested in your failure. There is no money to be made from selling diet products and services to slim people.

Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom. Hypnotherapists seem to have answered the question of how to get slim easily and naturally by developing self-empowering programs to help people achieve their weight loss goals without the need for willpower, denial and cravings.

The great majority of people who try hypnosis for slimming find new confidence around food. They feel empowered when food doesn’t control them any longer and discover that their mind can be trained to view food differently. The how to get slim and stay slim conundrum seems to find a solution for many people in hypnotherapy.


Trained in NLP with many trainers including Dr Richard Bander's to become an assistant for Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler on over 50 courses also helping Anthony Robbins for ten years until 2003 Most of my clients come directly from Paul McKenna and some from Dr Bandler as well as the Just Be Well clinic No 1 Harley Street London.
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