How to be lean

How To Be Lean

How to be lean, lose that stubborn fat and keep it off proves a real challenge for many of us. We look longingly at our lean and lithe friends, wondering how on earth they manage it while cursing ourselves for our weak willpower.

And then there’s the challenge of how to stay lean and be happy throughout our diet. It can seem like a giant hassle, an insurmountable journey of measuring, weighing, watching what you’re putting into your mouth, eating foods that perhaps you don’t really like and denying yourself those foods you love.

Habits seem entrenched and hard to break with cravings driving you mad. You’re trying to be good but not sure how long you can last without those cupboard favourites.

This is the way of the diet. Willpower, focus and determination fuel our initial enthusiasm for losing the weight and staying lean and fit. We may last weeks, months even, but at some point we cave in. Maintaining being Good and managing our eating take so much effort and discipline. Sure enough, slowly the weight creeps back on.

Studies on dieting for weight loss show that the failure rate is an astonishing 90%! So, for the overwhelming majority of us, diets simply don’t work.

The quest of how to be lean and, how to stay lean year round, seems like the illusive hunt for the holy grail. The diet you finally thought held the answers and promised so much eventually left you disappointed. It wasn’t all it promised to be.

Luckily there’s a way where being lean and staying lean doesn’t involve dieting. Wave goodbye to the willpower way! Hypnotherapy is used by an increasing number of people keen to avoid more diet failures and achieve their goals for being lean, happy and healthy. Hypnotherapy allows you to make simple changes allowing you to really savour and enjoy your food without having to censor every food decision.

Powerful hypnotic suggestions of how to be lean, happy and healthy are embedded into your mind, helping you to change your unhealthy eating habits. Hypnotherapy transforms these habits into healthy patterns of eating to keep you lean without the need for willpower and the agonising trying to be Good approach.

Some hypnotherapeutic approaches use a hypnotic appetite suppressant pill, giving none of the side effects of diet pills and helping to calm those false food cravings.

Interestingly, studies show that hypnosis supports people to lose more weight that a dieting approach would achieve but also helps them to maintain their new, lean body helping them to become lean for life. Hypnosis seems to answer the question of how to be lean and stay lean.

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