Binge Eating Hypnotherapy

Stop Binge Eating Hypnotherapy

I’ve been asked; ‘’What exactly is on my stop binge eating hypnosis and NLP recording?’’

The stop binge eating recording has 5 different tracks, the final one being a hypnosis track to help you to stop binge eating. The whole recording is like having a double session with me but with these  benefits;

You don’t even have to leave your home.

Save money and time in travelling.

It’s much cheaper than seeing a hypnotherapist.

It has been written with the experience of recovering from my own eating disorder and the knowledge of helping 1000’s of others overcome their eating problems since 1995.

You can listen to it over and over to ingrain the learning’s into your unconscious mind.

You can work on your issue in private.

The stop binge eating  5 tracks use a combination of NLP and hypnosis to help you over come binge eating. By retraining yourself to eat like a lean healthy happy person will enable you to feel freedom around food and get on with your life-as binging and dieting is such a waste of time.

You know the multi million dollar diet industry has a success rate of only 2% that lost weight permanently through dieting – naturally lean people eat in response to hunger – people who don’t have their strategy and are struggling with their weight will east when they are tired, upset, lonely, bored, excited, happy, ill or to fill time or to avoid doing what they fell they should be doing.

Diets do nothing to address these emotional triggers to binge eating.

Stop Binge Eating Track 1

Things happen to us in life that food and binge eating helps get us through- Binge eating can help us suppress anger and sadness. Binge eating acts as a drug to numb how we feel- NLP will give you the tools to become emotionally mature with strategies to handle your feelings in a way that you learn and grow from them, whilst finding peace within.

The only real difference between binging and bulimia is that the bulimic has a rule that they mustn’t go over a certain weight therefore they must get rid of the food out of their body as quickly as possible. The  binge eater just gets fatter and ends up on the diet/binge roundabout to try to control their weight.

This track will help you understand yourself more and to realise its not your fault, dieting may have inadvertently taught you to binge eat.

Stop Binge Eating Track 2

We start to break the hold binge eating has over you. Its time to get real and answer some tough questions ie ‘’what’s it costing you to eat the way you have been eating? i.e 4pm feeding frenzy, loss of control at (buffets, meals out) habitual overeating, addictive cravings then binge eating, destructive emotional eating using food as a drug ie eating when angry or upset, boredom.

What’s it costing you to swallow your feeling with food? Write it down. How do you sabotage yourself? Do you get stuck in not eating very much but still remain overweight. We get it all out and make plans to change it from now on.

Stop Binge Eating Track 3

This track will help you to overcome blockages in your way to becoming free from binge eating. All of the limiting beliefs, all of the stuff that has happened in your past has brought you now. Maybe you think at times I’m not good enough and that leads to a binge which makes you feel worse.

This track on the stop binge eating recording will help with all kinds of scenarios that trigger a binge as each time you do this will be different as we peel back the layers to free you for good.

Use it regularly to reprogram your thinking and you train your mind to be in the right frame of mind to be eating like a lean, healthy, happy person does until it becomes automatic.

Stop Binge Eating Track 4

Stop a craving to binge eat in its tracks.

What if you could close your eyes and have a binge eating episode in your imagination where you really feel like you are eating all those naughty foods and enjoying them yet very soon you feel stuffed, oh no you’ve overdone it, but wait, you open your eyes and realise how powerful your imagination can be when led by a hypnotist. You’ve not binged at all yet you feel full and have no desire to binge anymore.

This is a powerful technique which will overload your imagination we will have a hypnotic binge just like a stage hypnotist has a person imagine drinking 12 pint of beer then sing their favourite song the audience are amazed at how drunk they sound.

If you put this track on when you have an urge to binge eat on it will guide you through it out the other side to have a virtual binge with no damage so to speak.

Stop Binge Eating Track 5 Trance

Just close your eyes and relax, you don’t have to do a thing. I will guide you into a gentle state of hypnosis which will lift tension and stress alongside planting suggestions of eating more like a naturally lean person does unhinging the hold binge eating had over you.

There are many hypnotic suggestions as well as stories including the one about a client of mine who asked me if she could use her imagination to pretend to have a gastric band fitted and in trance I did just that- she chose to believe in trance that she really was unconscious and having the procedure and easily lost four stone.

 So sit yourself quietly with your eyes closed and let’s get started to tune into your body’s wisdom – you are being connected with the untapped potential of your unconscious to heal mind body and spirit.

So will this get rid of my binge eating problem forever?

It has worked for many of my clients and buyers of my recordings and for over 70% of people this is all they needed. Even if you need more help it’s a great place to start.

Click here to read more about the Stop Binge Eating recording costing only £19 as a download

When I see clients one to one I see them for as little as 1-2 sessions and some for as many as 10 sessions spread over 12 months or more.

Other recordings which compliment this are Lean for life , weight loss made easy, stop overeating, exercise and enjoy it, ditch the dairy and overcome a chocolate addiction .

Stop overeating; which is only £15 as a download.

“How to be lean’ by Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams; £19 to download, a multi track hypnosis and NLP recording.

Weight loss made easy multi track recording


Trained in NLP with many trainers including Dr Richard Bander's to become an assistant for Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler on over 50 courses also helping Anthony Robbins for ten years until 2003 Most of my clients come directly from Paul McKenna and some from Dr Bandler as well as the Just Be Well clinic No 1 Harley Street London.
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