Overcoming Cocaine Abuse

Overcoming Cocaine Abuse

We have so many testimonials for overcoming cocaine abuse, many of them actual videos from people who are now free of their addiction to cocaine.

Here is an email which came today, cancelling a session on Friday as it’s not needed. Six weeks have gone by with no slips ups and a completely changed mindset.

Hi Debbie

I hope you are well?

I have been having a chat with my family and partner and I have decided to not continue with my sessions for overcoming cocaine abuse for the immediate future.

Reason being is positive though!

I have been in a good place for the last 6 weeks and even well onto my way with my saving for a house and also started plans for setting up an extra little  business on the side!

I haven’t had any slip ups and found a little exercise, eating well and just an awareness of not wanting to feel rubbish or go backwards has really helped me, along with great support.

I plan on coming back for a few sessions once I have finished on this mini conquest and got to these goals, as I feel it would be more beneficial to help me move to the next step of complete recovery and also my next life goals.

There is also talk of promotion for me in the near future to which I no doubt will need your help and guidance when I have those added pressures!

Can I take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart, since starting with you I feel I have a better grip on life and also my addiction however I no longer feel ashamed of it and more embrace it to make my life better ( embrace by not doing naturally!!! )

So thank you and I’ll be in touch when I am ready to go to the next step!

Booking A Session To Overcome Cocaine Abuse

If you want to get started on overcoming your cocaine abuse and to be free of the dark  cloud of cocaine, contact us now by booking a session here;

Or calling 0121 241 0728 please visit our new purpose built website www.birminghamcocaineaddiction.co.uk  for lots of helpful tips to get you on the right path and mindset to quit.

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