Why overeating can cause you to eat more

Overeating can cause more overeating

Overeating can cause more overeating and there are reasons for this. Have you ever wondered why the day after eating loads of food you seem to be even more ravenous?

Two main reasons overeating makes you want to eat more

There are two reasons for this, the first being if you have overeaten, maybe late at night your stomach has expanded to fit all the foods in and now it’s adjusting to being  stretched and has space for more food.

It may believe at a survival level it’s feast time before the famine returns so it helpfully give you an appetite to eat even more!

This is an absolute disaster if you are trying to lose weight!!

Overeating can feel like you’ve been drugged

Overeating can cause you to feel unbalanced and out of sorts as if you have been drugged by the excess foods.

The second reason is if you have overeaten a myriad of foodstuff including processed junky type food that our bodies have not really evolved yet to make sense of that can totally un balance you and act like a drug in the system

Overeating yet undernourished = always hungry

Autopsies show in America signs of malnutrition in people where they are over fed but under nourished and a short time after eating the body realises its missing something so sends out a signal to go get it which most perceive as hunger so go eat another load of food devoid of essential nutrients.

If you want to be lean for life and be lean, healthy and happy you have to make friends with foods that are unprocessed and close to nature again.

Our diet is so different nowadays in the western world than it had been for 100,s of thousands of years previously that modern food can seem alien to our systems.

Eat healthily to curb those urges to overeat

The good news as you do eat more unprocessed natural foods then false cravings will go away as your cells absorb what they need to function at optimum levels from your fresh natural healthy foods

Hypnosis can help you to change your mind about overeating so that you feel less inclined to overeat. Good hypnosis can also help increase your desires for healthier foods.

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