Low self esteem= sabotaging success

Sabotage success, Low self esteem?

The reason you may sabotage success can involve beliefs buried deep in your subconscious mind that counter your conscious intentions, with an underlying feeling of unworthiness.

Believing you have low self esteem; You may engage in a lot of negative self-talk inside your head, maybe even interpreting positive events as negative.

Low self esteem = self sabotage by faulty thinking

Low self esteem may cause you to sabotage success by creating self-fulfilling prophecies to prove your negative beliefs.  You may sabotage relationships by being aggressive rather than assertive.

Low self esteem sometimes makes you take a pessimistic view and seeing things worse than they are.

How can I  build my self esteem ?

Self esteem can be developed by focussing on your strengths and developing those and keeping a journal of times when you’ve felt proud of yourself as those times your self  esteem will feel higher.

My 15 years of experience working as a NLP Specialist and Hypnotherapist reveal that many of us are too familiar with the ongoing critical voice inside our heads that goes on and on with the same old rubbish about how we are not good enough in some way this lowers self-esteem and increases the sense of unworthiness.

Stop sabotaging, start suceeding

The good news is, you can become aware of your negative self-talk and change it into positive. Watch the video below for an insight in to how I can help you stop sabotaging success and start living!

You can increase your self esteem and increse your success in your life and quit sabotaging yourself, so go on  face your fears and take back your power!!

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