NLP What is it?

 NLP What is it?

This is a question I get asked over and over says Birmingham NLP master practitioner and  trainer Debbie Williams.

I like to give the simple explanation that NLP is like finding the owners manual for your brain, many times our mind seems to do things in opposition to what we feel we want to do.

NLP Neuro -Linguistic -Programming

Neuro refers to the nervous system and our five senses:

Linguistic refers to the language that we use;

Programming is borrowed from computers.

An easy way to explain NLP is, for example, when you were at school you were taught what to think, but not how to think.

Discovering NLP is like finding the owner’s manual for your mind with instructions on how to change thoughts feelings and behaviours for better more useful ones.

 NLP and Paul McKenna

“Learning the skills of NLP for myself has taken the work I do privately with individuals to a whole new level. I use it myself continually in all areas of my life – personal and professional”            Paul McKenna

 So what can NLP ( neuro linguistic programming ) do 

NLP gives you the tools to master your emotions allowing you to changes thoughts, feelings behaviours and to add new ones just as systematic as the old ones.

 NLP; What else?

NLP is the most powerful communication tool to date, enabling you to study the patterns of human behaviour and how to influence others.

It is the study of excellence, offering you paths to success as you move beyond real, or imagined, limitations, ultimately achieving personal freedom.

NLP – neuro linguistic programming gives you access to your unconscious mind for accelerated learning and personal development. PLUS LOTS, LOTS MORE!

Try some NLP for free

Birmingham NLP practitioner Debbie Williams has put many videos on her you tube channel in which she explains NLP in relation to different issues.

As well as a free download ‘Stop worrying and create a wonderful life’

Debbie Williams is a Birmingham NLP Master practitioner and trainer as well as being a fully qualified hypnotherapist, who practices from her offices in Birmingham B75 West Midlands.

Birmingham based Debbie has also recorded over 30 self help NLP  hypnotherapy products which you can work on your issue at home for a fraction of the cost of visiting a Birmingham hypnotherapist.



Trained in NLP with many trainers including Dr Richard Bander's to become an assistant for Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler on over 50 courses also helping Anthony Robbins for ten years until 2003 Most of my clients come directly from Paul McKenna and some from Dr Bandler as well as the Just Be Well clinic No 1 Harley Street London.
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