Lose weight and feel great


Lose weight and feel great

Looking good and feeling good whilst working on losing weight is not always something people think about in the same sentence, but Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams believes its a must for permanent weight loss to enjoy the journey along the way.

To look good and feel good whilst losing weight we must work out what makes us feel good over time and recognise that some foods act like drugs in our system by triggering cravings and beliefs that we feel enjoyment and link pleasure too them.

Some foods make us feel bad later on

We don’t connect that just like recreational drugs whereby a high is followed by a come down later on, some foods feel awful in our system they can enervate us by robbing energy and giving us a low feeling just like a withdrawal from a drug.

 Natural foods to lose weight and feel great

Our diet has changed over the last 150 years to foods our ancestors wouldn’t recognise firstly we have swapped a predominantly plant based diet for a meat and processed convenience one and the plants based foods we do eat (unless organic) will have been sprayed with any number of chemicals and grown in mineral deficient soil which has had another chemical concoction added to speed up the growth.

Preservatives are the norm and it’s estimated we consume 7lbs of it in our life time. Morticians report we are not decaying so quickly either after death!

Which may be so but they do nothing to enhance life

Back to food which act like drugs and can sabotage weight loss;

After the inevitable come down  our system sends out cravings plus the thoughts have some “x” it will make you feel good

A cocaine addict enjoys the first high and yet after the first few times they rarely reach the same heights as the body acclimatises to the drug and it takes more or a new blend to fire of the pleasure centres in the brain.

Yet an addict doesn’t always realise this as they hypnotise themselves to imagine its going to be “good” just like a chocoholic does they tell themselves “I love chocolate” over and over yet don’t really  taste it, they connect to the “memory” of what chocolate means to them”

Connecting to the food helps weight loss

The good news is when you get “present” and start to really taste your foods and be “aware” and eat consciously then “spells ” can be broken.

And when you start to connect the dots of how a food feels in your body overtime any addiction can start to be broken as the desire can wane.

We need to cleanse our palette of processed and stimulating foods and do a detox periodically so that we can attune ourselves to what our bodies really need.

Meat can stimulate us to believe its giving us energy and that belief is encouraged as eating meat for protein because you must have meat for growth and repair.

This just isn’t true

The original history this belief was a study done on rats fed a high protein diet of meat. They grew faster all right and that’s all the meat marketing board (and such like ) needed to promote their product and the fact it was becoming more affordable to the masses partially due to factory farming  as previously you had to be wealthy to afford much of it and after the war where a plant based diet was the norm people were ready for a change.

What the failed to mention about the rats was they may of grew quicker but they also died much sooner !

The protein myth continues yet we have a wonderful example of how much protein is needed for our species as when we are a baby we grow and grow doubling our size In months and we can do it just on our mothers milk.

Mothers milk, got to be 50% protein at least to do that


Less than 3%, funnily enough about the same as fruit

When you start to explore how our foods have changed overtime it can make it easier to make more informed healthier choices which keep us balanced.

Hypnosis can help you to lose weight so that you feel less inclined to overeat. Good hypnosis and NLP combined can also help increase your desires for healthier foods.

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