Birmingham Binge Eating Recovery Diary

Birmingham Binge Eating Recovery Diary

Read how I Birmingham based hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer Debbie Williams; help one of my clients get back on track following an episode of binging. You can see I use humour to interrupt Miss P’s train of thinking. Overcoming a binge eating disorder can take time and by the very nature of this eating disorder is it has it’s highs and lows. I have highlighted in bold whats really going on.

Miss P: Hi Debbie it is the start of that 2 week period I have before my period you know the one where I eat everything I can get my hands on.

Binge Eating affected by monthly cycles

Debbie:  Bloody hell!! couldn’t help that 2 periods in one sentence; good job we are not American as they have a period at the end of each sentence, I think its better to have a full STOP NOW, time to learn something useful, plan and move on.

Binge Eating Can Go On For Days

Miss P: I did really well until last night around 9pm. Binge eating kicked in managed to do some damage!! I don’t want it to be like last month so I have been listening to the CD’s and reading the handouts you gave me

Binge Eater Is Already Starting To Break That Cycle Herself

Debbie: Great, Christmas can be a challenge for most people, limit in your mind ‘it’s just one day’ and do the same for New Year. This is a great time to commit to the five week goal plans which if you start today (being Monday) it will take you all the way through to the end of January.

Back To Basics to Break Binge Eating habit

Debbie: One of my weight loss clients emailed me ‘’in despair’’ having binged her way through December and now feeling dreadful. She previously has lost 4 stone and kept it of for 3 years and has put on 9lbs.I said to her look at it over a 5 week time period, get out your old sheets ( which she hasn’t needed to use for 2 years ) and lets get back to basics.

Birmingham Binge Eater Is Putting her Binge Into Perspective

Miss P: I am determined to beat it this month so I am going to discount the mini blip last night…it was Christmas day after all and I did really well up until that point.

Debbie: Yes, in reality you may have more blips but they will get less and less and you may actually start to feel very positive about them and view them as opportunities to ‘fix’ things in your ‘faulty mental programming’ for good, see answers below

 Binge Eater Is Finding Solutions to Overcome Binging

Miss P: I know it is to do with my serotonin levels during this time, so I am adjusting my diet and trying to do exercise.

Debbie:  Good plan, go gently and exercise often. Also make sure you listen to the hypnosis recordings.

If you want help to overcome your binge eating disorder then I can coach you back to thinking ‘normally’ about food. Where you re-train yourself to think as a lean, healthy happy person does.

Email me on or

Telephone 0121 241 0728 Sessions start at £145

There are self help options with Debbie Williams NLP and Hypnosis Recordings available from; with titles as ‘Stop Binge Eating’ , ‘Beat Bulimia’, ‘Stop Overeating’, ‘Lean For Life, ‘Weight Loss Made Easy’ and ‘Exercise and Enjoy It” Starting from £15


Trained in NLP with many trainers including Dr Richard Bander's to become an assistant for Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler on over 50 courses also helping Anthony Robbins for ten years until 2003 Most of my clients come directly from Paul McKenna and some from Dr Bandler as well as the Just Be Well clinic No 1 Harley Street London.
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